What should We Do When Received the Machines?

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Rebar machines


Most of the steel machinery is connected to electricity.

three-phase 380v /three-phase 220v /three-phase 415v 

Confirm the voltage with the customer. Note that the single-phase power is small and the single-phase 110V cannot be installed.

Add oil:

After the customer receives the goods, the first thing before use is to add oil.

The cutting machine adds 8-10 kg of splash gear oil. If it is too much, it will flow out of the knife-edge, which is a normal phenomenon.

The rebar bending machine is filled with butter before delivery. After receiving the machine, add 8 kilograms of gear oil,

The straightening machine adds 18-30 kilograms of hydraulic oil according to the size of the oil tank. The hoop bending machine is the same as the gear bending machine.

Choose Suitable Cables:

All machines should be compatible with high-standard copper core cables. It should not be too far away from the power supply. For 3KW, use 2.5 square meters or more, 4KW use 4 square meters or more, 7.5KW use 6 square meters, and so on. Prohibit the use of plugs, non-copper wires, etc. It is recommended to have one gate for one machine.

Wearing parts :

Each machine has corresponding wearing parts so that customers can bring a little more to avoid the trouble that they can’t buy in the future.

such as a rebar cutting blade.

Road Construction Machines:

Power trowel:

The blades and grinding discs of the trowel are wearing parts, which are not covered by the warranty. We have installed instructional installation videos if needed. Can leave us a message will send to you by we transfer.

The reducer and gasoline engine need to be oiled before use. When the gasoline engine is stopped for a long time, the gasoline in the carburetor needs to be drained. Must need to clean the cement between the cross shaft and the blade after each time use.

Road cutting machine:

The road cutting machine asks whether the customer needs to be equipped with a saw blade, and what size saw blade is equipped. The gasoline and diesel engines used in the road cutting machine are all organic oil alarms. , Pay attention to water spraying when using the machine to cut.

Tamping rammer:

The most vulnerable part of impact ramming is the shock absorption block.

Buy more spare parts. Add oil to the ram body and gasoline engine. Failure to refuel will cause the gears of the rammer to lock up. The gasoline engine cannot be turned upside down after refueling.

Floor Grinding machine:

The grinder should be connected to the corresponding voltage, use the grinding disc of the corresponding mesh number, the metal grinding disc is initially rough grinding, and the resin grinding disc is for process polishing. Pay attention to check the consumption of the grinding disc. The consumption rate of wet grinding with water will be slower.

The grinder regularly cleans the filter element of the vacuum cleaner.

If the vacuum cleaner does not suck and blowback, the thread ends are reversed.

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