What Should We Do After Received One Rebar Cutting Machine?

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Input Voltage:

Most of the steel bar cutting machine is connected to three phases of power.

three-phase 380v /three-phase 220v /three-phase 415v

Confirm the power voltage before using. Note that the single-phase power is small and the single-phase 110V cannot be installed.

Infuse oil:

After the customer receives the goods, the first thing before using is to infuse the oil.

The cutting machine adds 8-10 kg of splash gear oil(30# Lubrication oil). sometimes, the Lube oil will flow out from the blade edge, which is a normal phenomenon, Because too much oil is in the gearbox and it is better for the blade lubricated


The feed roller has to be in the same line as the bottom side of the blade.

Must checking blade, every screw, protector before starting it, running the pulley by hands for checking the gears and blade

Don’t cut the rebar when it is started, checking the transmission system and bearings and then cutting the rebar

Doesn’t allow cutting the rebar if the machine is not normal running.

Preparation before use:

Running the flywheel by hand to check whether the gear mesh is normal or stuck.

Check whether the blade is installed firmly, the gap between the two blades should be within 0.2mm-0.5mm / 0.2mm-0.8mm

Check the tightening of bolts in various parts 

(bolts on the side cover should be checked frequently to prevent loosening)

Check whether the electrical parts connect well. Pay attention to use three-phase four-core wire to connect the earth.

After the wiring runs, the direction of rotation should be consistent 

with the direction of the arrow shown in the belt cover.

Note: During the no-load test, if abnormal phenomena are found, they should be shut down for maintenance in time.

Precautions during use:

The steel bar has to put the middle and bottom of the blade when you cut it. Pay attention to check whether the blade is loose during use, if the blade edge is defective, you have to exchange a new set of blades to avoid another mistake.


Clean the dust from the machine and checking protector and lube oil

Checking power cable and switch

Run the machine by hand and checking the gears, and then open the switch, after it is normal running, check the running noise.

Quick-wear parts:

Blade 1 set

Blade board 1pcs

Blade clip 1 set

Connect rod 1pcs

Brass wings 1 set

Side cover 1pcs

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