What is the purpose/ advantage of a adjustable height lighting tower

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An adjustable height lighting tower serves the purpose of providing temporary outdoor lighting in various settings. These towers are commonly used in construction sites, events, emergency response situations, and other outdoor areas where adequate lighting is required. The adjustable height feature allows for flexibility in positioning the lights at different heights to optimize illumination in different environments. These towers typically consist of a telescoping mast with multiple light fixtures mounted on top, along with a generator or power source to provide electricity. They are designed to be portable, easy to set up, and provide reliable lighting solutions in diverse outdoor conditions.


  1. Enhanced Visibility: Adjustable height lighting towers provide improved visibility in various outdoor settings, such as construction sites and mining projects. By positioning the lights at different heights, these towers can effectively illuminate large areas, ensuring safety and productivity.
  2. Flexibility: The adjustable height feature allows for flexibility in lighting needs. It enables users to change the height and direction of the lights, accommodating different project requirements and optimizing illumination accordingly.
  3. Easy Setup: Mobile lighting towers are designed to be easy to set up. With a moving base and simple installation process, these towers can be quickly deployed to provide temporary lighting solutions.
  4. Portability: Adjustable height lighting towers are portable, making them suitable for use in different locations. They can be easily transported to remote or off-grid areas, providing a reliable source of light where traditional infrastructure may not be available.

These benefits contribute to improved safety, increased efficiency, and better working conditions in various industries and outdoor environments.


Technical DateUnit4TN4000
Model 4TN4000
Engine Model D1105
Engine Typethree cylinder, water-cooled, four stroke
Combustion System E-TVS
Engine aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emission level Regular
Standard configuration SPARKS
Rating voltage(50/60HZ)V230/240-120
Alternator insulation CLASS H
Alternator protection gradeIP23
Type of LightsRegular metal halide
Luminous fluxlm440000
Number & power of lightsW1000*4
Number of mast sectionsSection3
Fuel tank capacityl110
Continuous working timehour65
Generator starting type Key starting
Max. against windm/s20
Noise leveldB72dB(A) at 7 meters away
Suspension & Brake Leaf spring suspension & alone without brake
Drawbar Adjustable lever with telescopic adjustment guide wheel
Full extending heightm9
Wheel’s rim size’’14
Max towing speedkm/h100


1.Equipped with famous brand engine, could guarantee quality stability and excellent performance
2.Equipped with metal halogen lamp, large luminous flux and long life
3.High-performance self-braking hand winch
4.3-section lifting rod, galvanized lamp post, anti-drop, corrosion-resistant
5.Five windproof support legs for stable support
6.Integrated operating panel with rain cover
7.9 meters lifting height, adjustable irradiation angle, long irradiation distance
8.Large capacity fuel tank, long duration

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