what is the Pre-delivery Inspection of the Construction Machine from our team?

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Hi Dear, all my partners, Ada here from IDEAL machinery introduce the process of the pre-delivery inspection in detail, hope you can know more about our service.

A pre-delivery inspection is “the final check carried out by the dealer on the order before they hand it over to you”, and includes various checks to ensure that the vehicle is up to a certain standard before it is presented to the purchaser. – Wikipedia.

Here is what’s our daily routine for PDI checking:

Calculate the Quantity

This is the first step of our inspection, which is to check whether the inspection quantity is consistent with the application inspection quantity. Will calculate the quantity according to the order list, recheck again with production and warehouse person


(road cutting machine and tamping rammer package)

Ensure the Machine Running well

Test the operation of the machine. Electric products must check the relative voltage, 380v/220v three phase /single phase 50hz/60hz and the function of each button is normal.

(steel bar bending machine testing)

Ensure The accessories with machine is complete

Check whether the accessories provided by the machine are missing and whether they can be used normally, and check whether the extra accessories specified in the order are equipped with. Such like power trowel, the engine and frame are separate, ensure full set includes 2 Package. Rebar bender machine, Ensure the accessories is included.

Core configuration of the machine

Check whether the power brand, power, etc. of the product are consistent with the requirements of the order, and check whether the weight of one or several of them is qualified, whether the appearance of the paint meets the requirements, including the color, whether there is abrasion, whether there are irregular installations, and the product Whether the traveling wheels have been replaced with new ones, whether there are obvious differences in appearance and unqualified parts.

(tamping rammer in production)

Name plate, label and hand manual

Check whether the nameplate and label are on the motor, gasoline engine and the machine are in the correct position, whether the special requirements of the order are fulfilled, and check whether the product has instructions and certificates. Ensure every CE ISO sticker is on the machine.

(Steel bar cutting machine name plate)

The packaging of machine

Ensure the packaging materials meet the requirements. The different products that are repeatedly packaged have a prompt mark on the outside of the package, and whether they are loaded regularly.

(plate compactor package)

(Loading road roller)

Measurement of outer package

Measure every package include the spare parts. record it and send it to the sales person to calculate the final CBM, send it to the client again. total weight and packages.

Shipping mark

Check the front label (customer information) and side label (product information) corresponding to the order. or depend on the customer’s need, customized the brand logo stick on the outer pack.

(plate compactor C90 shipping mark)

Here is our PDI date sheet for your reference. Warmly welcome send us a message if have some advice to improve. Thanks.

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