what is the mortar spraying machine?

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What is the spraying machine?

A mortar sprayer is a machine used to spray mortar. The mortar sprayer can spray mortar below 4-5 mm. Of course, the sprayer can be used not only for spraying but also for pouring mortar.

The working principle of the spray machine:

The mixed material is fed into the jet hopper through the vibrating screen from the discharging port of the batching mixer and injected into the straight-through cavity of the rotor body by the shifter. Compressed air is introduced into the air chamber to blow the material into the discharge elbow. Here, another pressurized air is introduced by the cyclone to blow the material in a multi-head wind spiral state, accelerate, and make it rotate, float, and enter the conveying elbow. The material pipe reaches the nozzle and then adds a small amount of supplementary water or liquid accelerator to spray out.

The main components of the spray machine:

The mortar spraying machine is mainly composed of a driving device, rotor assembly, air duct system, spraying system, electrical control system, and other parts.

The driving device is connected to the cycloid reducer and installed at one end of the machine by a motor. The motor is directly installed on the reducer, parallel to the axis of the rotor and stator.

Voltage: 380V

Speed: 1440 rpm

Reducer model; BX1-4

Speed ratio: 1:9

Rotor assembly: The rotor of the machine is made of special alloy materials and processed by high temperature simmering and modulating. The stator is made of special rubber materials, thereby improving wear resistance, strength and reducing maintenance workload.

Air circuit system: The air compressor is driven by a 2.2KW motor to produce high-pressure air pressure, which passes through the safety valve and the pressure limiting valve, and is supplied to the nozzle, and the mortar is sprayed out.

Spraying system: The system is composed of conveying hoses and nozzles. The conveying hoses are made of wear-resistant slurry pipes. The nozzles are pressure-injected with polymer materials. The mortar pipes, air pipes, and air valves are fixed on the nozzles.

Electrical control system: The control box is composed of an automatic leakage air switch, an AC contactor, a thermal relay, and a start and stop button, which can realize protection functions such as leakage, overcurrent, and short circuit.

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