What is the main problem in concrete pumping?

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One of the main problems in concrete pumping is blockage or congestion within the concrete pumping system. This can occur due to various factors, including:

  1. Pipe Blockage: Concrete contains aggregates that can get stuck or jammed inside the pipes, causing a blockage. This can happen if the aggregate size is too large for the pipe diameter or if there is inadequate lubrication or cleaning of the pipes.
  2. Hose Blockage: Similar to pipe blockage, the hose through which the concrete is pumped can also get clogged. This can be caused by excessive buildup of hardened concrete or debris inside the hose.
  3. Pumping Pressure: If the pumping pressure is too high, it can lead to blockages. Excessive pressure can cause the concrete to become compacted and create resistance within the pumping system.
  4. Concrete Mix Design: The mix design of the concrete can also contribute to pumping problems. If the mix contains a high amount of fine particles, such as sand or cement, it can result in a more viscous mixture that is difficult to pump smoothly.
  5. Distance and Height: Long horizontal distances or significant vertical heights can pose challenges for concrete pumping. The further the concrete needs to travel, the higher the risk of blockages or loss of workability due to delays.
  6. Lack of Maintenance: Inadequate maintenance of the concrete pumping equipment can lead to issues. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the pumps, pipes, and hoses are crucial to prevent blockages and ensure smooth operation.

To overcome these problems, proper planning, selection of the right equipment, appropriate mix design, regular maintenance, and experienced operators are essential. It’s important to address any blockages promptly to avoid delays, material wastage, and potential damage to the pumping system.

Product Parameters

Transport volume18-20m³/h25m³/hHigh voltage: 45m³/h Low voltage: 60m³/h
Outlet pressure10-12Mpa11Mpa11Mpa
Max. aggregate diameter≤30mm≤30mm≤40mm
Motor power45KW76KW145KW
Overall Dimension4000*1700*1600mm4100*1800*1700mm6200*1900*2200mm
1-3mm conveying distanceVertical 30-40m horizontal 80-100m Vertical 50-60m horizontal 150-180mVertical 100-120m horizontal 300-450m
Fine stone conveying distanceVertical 100m horizontal 200-260mVertical 120-150m horizontal 300-400m/
Feeding height1200mm1200mm1300mm
Conveying pipe diameterφ80/100/125mmφ80/100/125mmφ80/100/125mm

Product usage scenarios

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