What is the best concrete leveling?

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With technological advancements rapidly shaping the industry, the traditional methods of manual labor are quickly becoming outdated. One prime example is in the field of concrete leveling, a process that was once time-consuming and physically demanding. However, with the rise of ride-on laser leveling machines, this task has been revolutionized for construction professionals around the globe. In this blog post, we will delve into all aspects of these cutting-edge machines and explore how they have transformed the way concrete surfaces are leveled.

Product Overview:

The whole machine is composed of scraper and leveling parts. The main machine includes a scraper, vibrating unit, vibrating plate, and laser receiver. There is also have laser transmitter and handheld laser receiver to work with the machine.
Working principle: The machine relies on a gasoline generator to generate electricity, and drives the laser monitoring system with electric power. The computer control system drives the leveling part to level the concrete.
The Laser screed machine is used in large areas of concrete construction, such as the modern industrial workshop, the large market, storage, airport, plaza, and so on. The Laser Screed can satisfy the construction requirements of large areas and high planeness and levelness.

Products Description:

Power engineHONDA GX690/B&S 3864
TypeDiesel engine,4 stroke
Engine oil17L
Fuel consumption rate1.2L-3.0L/H
Oil volume1.4L
Walking styleWheeled
Drive SystemHydraulic motor four-wheel drive
Drive ControlHydraulic drive
Travel speed3.3km/h
Steering ControlElectronically controlled steering
Hydraulic fluid oil volume30L
Vibrating methodMotor vibrating
Leveling thickness3-30cm
Paving methodStrand paving
Vibration frequency4500/min
Working width3300mm
Paving methodStrand paving
Stranding powerHydraulic Motor
Stimulation force2000N
Work efficiency300-500Square meters/h
Elevation controlHydraulic cylinder
Control SystemLaser emitter
Control EffectFlat, slope, double slope
Seat positionMid-mounted

Product use – Common industrial plants, workshops, automated three-dimensional warehouses, large storage supermarkets, logistics centers, in the exhibition, wharves, container yards, yard yards, square, and residential ground.
This innovative equipment has revolutionized traditional concrete leveling methods, making them faster, accurate, and more efficient than ever before.

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