What is power trowel and why do you need one?

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For the concrete trowel, I think someone are very familiar with it and even operate this machine, but I think more people have only seen the trowel, but know very little about it.

The trowel has a wide range of applications. It is used in the troweling of concrete floors in various places, and plays an important role in the treatment of concrete floors such as warehouses, factories, squares, airports, and frame buildings.

What is the power trowel machine?

The power trowel is a tool for rough or fine troweling of concrete surfaces, It is usually electric or fuel powered.

The surface of machine construction is smoother and flatter than the surface of manual construction, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and the efficiency of machine construction is dozens of times higher than that of manual construction.

What is power trowel structure?

For walk-behind trowels, you need operate the handle to move the troweling disc. And the handle is equipped with throttle switch and the flame out switch, it is easy for you to accelerate the machine or stop it.

The engine is the power source of the machine and it drives the gearbox shaft.

The gearbox is between the engine and the working disc, it it more like a power transmission box, It is driven by the gasoline engine and further drives the blades to rotate.

The blade is fixed on the cross shaft and is driven to rotate by the cross shaft.

The protection ring not only protects the machine from damage, but also protects the user from high-speed rotating blades.

Why do you need a power trowel machine?

First of all, the machines will save you a lot of time. Compared to traditional manual concrete trowels, the machines rely on fuel engines to drive the blades to trowel the ground faster and better, this means that you will complete your jobs with greater efficiency.

And now many constructions have higher requirements for the flatness of the concrete surface, and it is difficult to meet the requirements by manual plastering, but the power trowel can do it easily.

How to choose one suitable power trowel machine?

There are two common power trowel machines, the walk behind type and ride-on power trowel, and both come in different sizes. Therefore the main factor to consider when choosing a trowel is the size of your project. If you undertake constructions such as large shopping malls, parking lots, warehouses etc., the riding type is more suitable for you, because it has two working disc, his work efficiency is twice that of the walk-behind type, and you don’t have to walk back and forth on the floor, making the job easier.

But your still need the walk behind machine, as the ride-on machine is a little bulkier when working on the concrete edges.

If your project is primarily indoor work, or other small areas of concrete, the walk-behind may be more suitable for you, it is more flexible to use and can access small areas. And it will not cost you too much money.

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