What is a threading machine?

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What is a threading machine?

Threading machine is also known as electric threading machine, electric pipe threading machine, threading machine, pipe threading machine, steel bar threading machine. Threading machine is a motorized manual pipe thread twisting plate before 1980. It makes pipe thread processing during pipe installation easier and faster and reduces the labor intensity of pipe installation workers.

What is a rebar thread rolling machine?

The steel bar thread rolling machine is a machine that uses the advanced technology of stripping and rolling to process the straight threads of the connection ends of the steel bars. The steel straight threaded metal fiber processed by it is continuously dense and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. The tensile strength is increased by 20%-30%, the fatigue strength is increased by 40%-60%, and the corrosion resistance is increased by 50%-200%. The steel connection strength is higher than the steel base material, and the mechanical properties of the steel joints meet and exceed domestic and foreign standards. The steel bar rolling straight thread connection technology is suitable for industrial and civil buildings. It requires the connection construction of rigid, oblique, and horizontal steel bars in important parts of the structure that give full play to the strength and ductility of the steel bars. It has a simple and fast process, can be prefabricated, has no open flame operation, does not pollute the environment, has no hidden danger of explosion and fire, is safe and reliable, can be constructed all-weather, and saves a lot of steel and energy. Only a wrench is used to connect the steel bars, and each steel bar joint takes about one minute. The construction period of the structure was shortened, and the industrialized and civilized construction was realized.

How does the rebar rolling machine work?

The threading machine is composed of: body, motor, reduction box, pipe chuck, die head, cutter holder, feed device, and cooling system.

When the threader is working, first put the rebar to be processed into the rebar chuck, hit the chuck, press the start switch, the steel bar will rotate with the chuck, adjust the size of the die opening on the die head, and set the wire The length of the mouth. Then turn the feed wheel clockwise to make the die cutter on the die head stick to the end of the rotating rebar with constant force, and the die cutter will automatically cut the tube thread, and the cooling system will automatically spray oil for cooling on the die cutter. , When the threaded mouth is processed to the preset length, the die cutter will automatically open, and the thread mouth processing is completed. Turn off the power, knock the chuck open, and take out the bar.

Precautions for using thread rolling machine

Introduction to the use of thread rolling machine

1. Adjustment before thread rolling

According to the diameter to be processed, exchange the thread rolling wheel that is compatible with the diameter to be processed. When replacing the thread roller, replace the washer that is suitable for the thread pitch of the thread roller to ensure the correctness of the thread pitch and the relationship between the thread pitch and the thickness of the washer.

2. The rolling machine should be tested empty before debugging

The thread rolling machine is turning on. Check whether the cooling water pump is working properly. Operate the button to check whether the electrical control system is working properly.

Precautions for daily maintenance of thread rolling machine

1.Due to the humidity change, the button is exposed on the contactor, so measures must be taken to prevent a short circuit in the opposite direction of the contactor.

2.Remove the dirt on the body, especially pay attention to clean the dirt between the incoming and outgoing lines to prevent short-circuit between the phases. At the same time, pay attention to clean the dirt on the surface of the iron core board.

3.When the contact is found to be severely worn and cannot be used continuously, it should be replaced with a new contact in time.

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