What is a paver finisher used for?

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Asphalt paver is your go-to choice for addressing a multitude of asphalt pavement issues. Whether you’re dealing with common ailments like potholes, mesh cracks, surface cracks, depressions, or oil spills, or require a precise touch for small-area pavement, our asphalt paver rises to the occasion.


1) Hydraulic axle two-wheel drive, universal steering wheel
2) Forward and backward handle control
3) The left and right double oil cylinders independently control the paving thickness
4) 4 kinds of paving width options
5) Engine exhaust ironing board heating function
6) Detachable hopper
7) Lever brake

Pothole Patching: Say goodbye to those troublesome potholes that wreak havoc on roads. Our asphalt paver makes quick work of pothole repairs, restoring smooth driving surfaces.

Crack Filling: From subtle surface cracks to more substantial mesh cracks, our machine ensures effective and durable crack repair, preventing further deterioration.

Precise Repairs: Even the smallest of imperfections receive the attention they deserve, leaving no area untouched, no matter how minor the damage may seem.

Recycling Asphalt Mix: Not only does our asphalt paver mend the pavement, but it’s also capable of heating and mixing waste asphalt mixture, making it an eco-friendly choice for recycling and reusing materials.

Efficient and Reliable: With the efficiency to handle both common issues and recycling, our asphalt paver streamlines the repair process, saving you time and resources.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re maintaining roads, driveways, parking lots, or other asphalt surfaces, our paver is the solution you can rely on.

Built to Last: Our asphalt paver is engineered to withstand demanding tasks and provide long-lasting performance, ensuring a dependable partner in your pavement maintenance efforts.

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