What is a jumping jack tamper?

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Welcome to the world of construction and heavy machinery, where innovation and technology continue to revolutionize traditional labor methods. One such innovative piece of equipment is the electric tamping rammer, also known as an electric soil compactor. This powerful tool has become increasingly popular in the construction industry for its ability to effectively compact soil, sand, or gravel with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.


It has a strong impact force though it is small and light.

Multipurpose use with maneuverability. They are used for confined areas, trench work, backfill, and repairing work on asphalt.

Suitable especially for compacting the roadbed with a low water content that heavy Vibro compactor could not work.

A tamping rammer is a machine used to rammer different types of soil in various construction scenarios. It applies shocks to the soil surface, leveling and compacting it evenly. During rammer, it reduces the number of voids between soil particles and increases the dry density of the soil.

The tamping rammer applies to sand, gravel, clay, and all kinds of sandy soil compaction, but also to the asphalt sand, poor compaction of concrete and clay, particularly suitable for interior floors, courtyards and narrow grooves such as construction sites, medium and large machinery which can not be competent to complete the construction tasks.

Products Description:

Input voltageThree phase:220VAC,380VAC,415VAC/ Single phase:220VAC,110VAC
Impact Fre700t/min700t/min700t/min
Jump height65-75mm65-75mm65-75mm
Plate size300*280mm300*280mm300*280mm
Walk speed9-12m/min9-12m/min9-12m/min
Motor power3kw3kw3kw
Motor speed2800rpm2800rpm2800rpm
Noise Db80A80A80A
Impacting force13KN13KN13KN
Gross weight80KGS85KGS90KGS
Package size1000*530*530mm

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