What do we need to prepare before and after construction when we use a mortar spraying machine?

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Before starting the construction, make sure that the wall of the construction wall has enough water absorption after repeated spraying to wet the wall so that there is enough wall treatment time after the wall is sprayed, and the cement shear wall that needs to be roughened should be roughened in advance.

Before each start-up construction, about 30 liters of 4:6 pure cement mixed water must be added to the hopper and sprayed out, and mortar should be added after the pipeline is fully lubricated. When spraying, the operator should wear protective glasses and wear protection Wear a jacket.

The downtime during construction should be determined by the solidification and denaturation time of the mortar material. If the solidification time of the material is short and the speed is fast, the downtime should be shortened. If the time is exceeded, it should be sprayed in time and handled in accordance with the end of construction.

At the end of each construction, the remaining mortar materials in the hopper must be completely sprayed out or cleaned up (the main machine must be turned off when manually cleaning the materials in the hopper to prevent mechanical injury). Then add 30-50 liters of 4:6 pure cement mixing water that is evenly mixed in advance to completely eject the remaining mortar material in the conveying pipe, and then repeatedly clean the inside of the pipe with clean water and spray to ensure that the conveying pipe is clean and free of residue.

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