Various tools for concrete leveling

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About concrete in life

In daily life, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. that can be seen everywhere are made of concrete. Concrete exists everywhere in our daily lives. If you observe carefully, there are many kinds of machines for ironing concrete, including power trowels, bull floats, vibrating screed rulers, vibrating truss screed, etc. In the next, I will introduce you to various tools for ironing concrete.

Common tools for smoothing concrete

1)Power trowel

The power trowel consists of one or more rotating blades and is surrounded by a safety cage. This type of concrete veneer equipment is used to form polished and smooth veneers on various concrete surfaces.

The power trowel is suitable for small projects. It is generally used for lifting, compacting, smoothing, and troweling concrete floors. The smoothed ground is between 100-500 square meters.

2)Bull float

A bull float is widely used on concrete pavements. Small-scale projects are suitable for home use at low prices. Generally divided into two types: pulp lifting and finishing. The length of the handle can be customized. The bottom of the float is curved to balance and prevent the mortar from being dug up. With four mounting holes, suitable for turbine brackets and threaded brackets.

3)Vibrating screed ruler

The vibrating screed ruler is mostly used for the leveling of cement and concrete. The length of the ruler can be customized according to the size of the project. The whole machine is light, powerful, and easy to use. Suitable for small areas and indoor construction.

4)Vibrating truss screed

Vibrating truss screeds are mostly used in large projects such as bridges, tunnels, and high-speed roads. Used for lifting, compacting and leveling concrete floors. The vibrating truss screed can be freely spliced in length and has a wide range of uses.

5)Laser screed machine

The laser leveler is a kind of equipment that takes the laser light emitted by the transmitter as the reference plane and controls the leveling head in real-time through the laser receiver on the laser leveler, so as to achieve high-precision and rapid leveling of concrete. Laser levelers are widely used in the leveling construction of large workshops, warehouses, large container terminals, airports, sports venues, logistics, and exhibition centers, and have become one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in the flooring industry.


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