Types of concrete laser leveling machine

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What is a laser leveling machine?

The laser leveling machine is a kind of equipment that takes the laser light emitted by the transmitter as the reference plane and controls the leveling head in real-time through the laser receiver on the laser leveler, so as to achieve high-precision and rapid leveling of concrete.

The laser leveling machine is developed in accordance with the increasing demands of modern industrial plants, large shopping malls, warehouses and other large-area cement concrete floors, such as strength, flatness, and levelness. Using a precision laser leveling machine to pave and level the cement concrete ground is much better than the ground paving by conventional methods-the levelness and level of the ground are increased by more than 3 times, and the density and strength are increased by more than 20%. At the same time, it can improve work efficiency by more than 50% and save about 35% of labor. In addition, it can easily be poured into high-strength concrete, low-slump concrete, and fiber cement. Its laser system is equipped with a variety of automatic control components, which monitor the elevation of the leveling head in real-time at a frequency of 10 times per second to ensure that the flatness and levelness of the paving ground are effectively controlled. At the same time, its powerful vibrator has a vibration frequency of 4000 times per minute to ensure that the concrete is vibrated and compact so that the entire paving concrete matrix is homogeneous and dense.

Types of concrete laser leveling machine

Concrete laser leveling machines are divided into two types: walk-behind type and ride-on type.

1)Since the walk-behind type is relatively simple in structure and equipped with an electronic control system, its cost is lower than that of the ride-on type, so its price is lower. The ride-on type equipped with a hydraulic system has higher engine power and is more expensive than the walk-behind type, so the price is higher. Generally speaking, the price of the ride type is twice that of the walking type.

2)The use method of the walk-behind type is the same as that of the riding-on type, but the adjustment is different. When using the walk-behind leveling, the position of the large laser receiver is manually adjusted, while the riding-on type is by inputting data to the system.

3)Theoretically speaking, the riding power system is strong and equipped with filler augers, and its construction efficiency is higher than that of the hand-held type. But for ordinary concrete contractors, there is no difference in their construction efficiency. The walking type has a construction efficiency of 1800-3000 square meters every 8-10 hours, and the ride-on type has a construction efficiency of 1800-3000 square meters every 8-10 hours. If you want to level more than 3,000 square meters, you need a lot of concrete, and ordinary small construction sites can’t supply so much concrete. In addition, if you level 2,000 square meters every day, the finishing work after leveling is a huge project. If you plan to level less than 2500 square meters, both machines can meet your requirements.

How does a concrete laser machine work?

The transmitter generates a rotating laser, and the laser receiver on the laser leveler receives the signal, which is analyzed by the laser measurement and control system. The deviation will be fed back to the sensitive computer control system on the laser leveler, and the left and right linear actuators will adjust the scraper. The height to ensure the leveling accuracy.

The laser leveling machine uses a scraper to take away the elevated concrete and initially level it to reach the height required by the design. The hydraulically driven vibrating motor produces vibrations at a frequency of 4000 times per minute, which drives the entire vibrating plate to vibrate the concrete together. The leveling of the laser paver does not need to pull the control line or the side template to control the ground elevation. It is controlled by the laser measurement and control system on the laser leveler in real-time. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter the laser leveler moves to Wherever it is, it can be ensured that the overall elevation of the paved ground is not affected.

Application range of laser leveling machine

Application range of laser leveling machine

Laser leveling machines are mainly divided into indoor and outdoor venues.

1) Indoor floor

① Underground garages, ordinary industrial workshops, workshops, automated warehouses.

②Clean workshops for electronic appliances, food materials, medicine, etc.

③Large warehouse supermarkets, logistics centers, exhibition centers, etc.

2)Outdoor floor

① Wharf, container yard, cargo yard

②Airport runway, apron, parking lot

③Square, residential ground, municipal road, etc.

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