Tips for using tamping rammer

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How to choose suitable one?

There are various types of rammers on the market. According to different power, it can be divided into gasoline impact rammer, diesel impact rammer, and electric impact rammer. Rammers range from 2,000 pounds per square foot to 4,000 pounds per square foot. The shell of the impact rammer is made of ordinary cast steel or aluminum. The aluminum body is more durable and light in weight, but the cost is also higher.

What do I need to do to receive a new machine?

When you receive your new machine, please unpack it to check that all parts are in good condition. We generally use wooden boxes for the packaging of impact rammers, and the whole machine is installed without any installation operation, but please add enough gasoline before the first use.

The engine won’t start

There are many reasons why Jump Jack and tamping rammer cannot be activated. But most of the time it’s an engine problem. The first step is to check that there is enough gasoline in the gasoline engine. Usually, rammer engines have low oil level sensors on them, so if there is not enough oil, the rammer won’t start. Another component to check is the spark plugs. If you seem to be pulling the recoil starter multiple times and nothing happens, make sure to check that the spark plugs are dry and working properly. You can unscrew the spark plug and place it in the spark ignition coil, pulling the pull disc repeatedly while holding the spark plug against some metal. If you see sparks, the plug is working. If there is no spark, replace the spark plug.

Engine stall

There are several reasons for the engine to stall. First of all, it is necessary to consider the stall caused by the engine blockage. Two inspections need to be done. One is to check whether the gasoline is left in the engine for too long, and the gasoline that is not cleaned for a long time will become It is sticky, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Second, clean the air filter. The impact rammer usually works in a dusty environment. If the air filter is blocked, the air cannot pass through, and the engine cannot be started normally.

Machine body oil leakage

Check the bellows to see if there are perforations in the bellows, and if so, they need to be replaced. Check the bellows and drain plug on the engine. Make sure to tighten correctly. Look for air gaps and locate the problem based on the oil leak.

How to maintain tamping rammer

Regular maintenance of the rammer can effectively improve the service life of the machine and stabilize the performance of the machine. Hope the following suggestions can help you use the impact rammer better.

Change the air filter regularly: The dusty workplace where rammers usually work puts extra stress on the engine. Clean or replace the air filter regularly to avoid engine blockage. It is recommended to clean the air filter if it has not been used for 25 hours. If you find that the sponge in the air filter is damaged, please replace it in time. This is a simple operation, just find the air filter on the top of the gasoline engine, unscrew the cap to replace it.

Close fuel valve: Be sure to close the fuel valve after each use of the rammer. Making this a routine will help avoid flooding the rammer’s engine when not in use or stored in a truck.

Rammer spring lubrication: Make sure the internal spring of the tamper is well lubricated. Without lubrication, the integrity of the equipment can quickly deteriorate. You can check the oil level through the oil window at the bottom of the fuselage. If the oil level is low or cannot be seen, please replenish it in time.

If you plan to not use the machine for a long time, please do the following

  • Drain the fuel tank completely.
  • Check that the throttle handle is in the idle position, then start and run the engine until the fuel enters.
  • The carburetor is completely drained.
  • Change the engine oil and store the engine according to the procedures in the engine manual.
  • If storing the rammer, keep it in a clean, dry place where it will not be knocked over, and cover it with a cloth.

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