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With the all-round development and progress of society, the speed of highway construction is accelerated. The requirements for road construction machinery and equipment are gradually increasing, and the construction scale of highway projects is expanding. Road construction machinery is widely used in highway construction, and its role in highway engineering is becoming more and more obvious. There are many types and quantities of road construction machinery. At present, it mainly includes mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other power forms, and introduces automation technology to develop in the direction of intelligence. Only by strengthening the management and control of road construction machinery can we improve the quality level of construction, ensure the orderly progress of highway engineering, and promote the all-around development and progress in the field of highway construction.

Use road construction machinery correctly

Choosing the right road construction machinery can greatly increase the utilization rate of the equipment, which is an extremely important factor. From the analysis of the actual situation of highway project construction, because the selection of scientific and reasonable road construction machinery can effectively eliminate the problem of mechanical failure, avoid serious failure problems, it can also reduce the material loss of maintenance and construction, and can effectively extend equipment The service life of the project, improve the quality of the project, reduce the cost of project implementation, shorten the construction period, and produce very high comprehensive benefits.

1) Implementation of the operating personnel management system during the use of road construction machinery is currently in the implementation of highway engineering. Because new processes, new materials, and new equipment are widely used in practice, the structure and types of road construction machinery are relatively complete. The composition is also more complicated, so right
The requirements for operators will also be higher. ① The theoretical knowledge and professional technical level of road construction machinery operators should be relatively high, professional training and education, and post-operation certificates can meet the needs of post-work. ②Road construction machinery operators have knowledge of the structure and working principle of the equipment, as well as certain maintenance and maintenance-related knowledge, and are proficient in operating various parts. If there are problems with the mechanical equipment, they can carry out repairs and treatments in time to ensure the equipment’s maintenance. Operation performance meets the needs of modern highway project construction. ③Mechanical operators must obey the arrangements of project management personnel, strictly implement relevant standards and specifications, regularly or irregularly perform equipment maintenance and maintenance, and check the operating status of the equipment. Once any hidden dangers or malfunctions are found, promptly exclude them.
④The operators of road construction machinery and equipment should have a certain sense of responsibility, be responsible for their work seriously, maintain a rigorous work attitude, make the production operations meet the safety standards, and ensure that all equipment is prepared and perfect, thereby improving the construction progress and efficiency, Produce relatively high comprehensive benefits. ⑤Road construction machinery operators should actively participate in learning and training activities, maintain good communication with other people in the same industry, and actively apply advanced technology to effectively improve the level of operation and meet the needs of current road construction.

2)The use of road construction machinery should be reasonably organized and dispatched
First of all, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction organization, list the names, models, and quantities of related machinery and equipment in the planning, and understand the actual operation of the equipment. Comprehensively check the functions, malfunctions, etc. of the equipment, and if there are any defects, repairs should be carried out in a timely manner
handle. If the equipment is of no use-value, it should be eliminated in time to avoid serious problems with the equipment due to incorrect use and affect the quality of project construction. In addition, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable plan for the use of road construction machinery, allocate personnel and equipment, organize the daily scheduling and management of the equipment, ensure that the equipment is adequately prepared in accordance with the construction operation plan, and effectively improve the operating efficiency of the equipment and the quality of work to meet The needs of daily construction.

The management of road construction machinery and equipment is proceeding smoothly

During the operation of road construction machinery and equipment, the application and management of the equipment should be fully carried out. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of mechanical equipment functions to ensure that various construction tasks are carried out in an orderly manner and meet the requirements of construction goals. Therefore, in the management of machinery and equipment, it is necessary to

Do a good job of maintenance and repair management in separate areas. In the implementation process, the maintenance and maintenance management of the equipment should be done regularly, which is a key link in extending the service life of the equipment. Through reasonable maintenance and management, promote the improvement of equipment operating performance, better exert the effect of equipment use, and reflect the superiority of mechanical equipment, so that project construction can be better carried out, construction tasks and goals can be implemented, and finally can be played The best effect of road construction machinery and equipment provides the foundation for the smooth construction of the project.

1)Maintain good operating conditions during road construction machinery construction

Operators of road construction machinery need to fully perform various specific tasks during operation. Do a good job in the maintenance and repair management of road construction machinery and equipment in accordance with the specifications and standards. Once any faults are found, they should be repaired and handled immediately to ensure that there will be no faults. This is because

For road construction machinery and equipment in operation, as long as there is a problem of failure, a chain reaction will occur in many cases, resulting in a series of problems, which greatly affects the efficiency of the equipment operation, and will also cause the construction to be difficult to meet the requirements, resulting in huge economic losses. Therefore, it is necessary to fully inspect road construction machinery, eliminate malfunctions in time, and implement necessary maintenance and maintenance management measures. Operators carry out corresponding functional inspections and tests in a timely manner to ensure that there will be no malfunctions that will cause the project construction to fail. It should be noted that in the course of practice, the operation of road construction machinery and equipment needs to be comprehensively inspected on a regular basis to ensure that there will be no problems when the equipment is running.

2)Ensure that the operation of road construction machinery is scientific and reasonable

The operators of road construction machinery need to strictly implement the operating specifications and requirements to ensure that the operation of the equipment meets the requirements of scientificity and rationality. Thereby, the effect of the equipment can be better exerted, and the performance of road construction machinery can also be reflected. In order to achieve this standard, it is particularly critical for operators to learn advanced operating techniques, and to implement management standards and regulations in their daily work. The current highway project construction has begun to fully realize the mechanized transformation. Although a lot of advanced equipment is put into use in the project, the overall effect of the project construction is relatively poor because it is not operated in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Equipment can also cause serious quality problems, threatening the overall construction benefits of the project, and management and control need to be strengthened. Based on this, equipment operators ensure that the operating procedures meet the requirements of scientific management, and implement relevant management systems and standards. This can make the equipment exert its due effect and achieve the best operating condition, which has played a positive role in promoting the smooth implementation of the highway project.

3) Carry out reasonable and effective maintenance management

With the rapid development of science and technology, many advanced construction materials, construction techniques, and construction techniques have been applied to highway engineering. Road construction machinery and equipment are also developing in the direction of complexity, and the types of equipment are gradually increasing, and the requirements for mechanical equipment are gradually increasing. Therefore, mechanical equipment operators need to actively learn professional knowledge, master the working principles of mechanical equipment, and carry out strict management and control of mechanical equipment from the actual situation to ensure that the performance of mechanical equipment is not affected. In the implementation of the project, it is necessary to reasonably apply mechanical equipment to ensure that the designed operation is scientific and reasonable. It can also reduce the maintenance time and can

Produce higher comprehensive benefits. In addition, in the process of road construction machinery maintenance and management, it is necessary to adopt an effective maintenance plan according to the type and model of the equipment. Generally speaking, in the process of maintenance management work, regular maintenance management methods can be adopted to ensure that the state of the equipment can meet the actual requirements.


In summary, road construction machinery and equipment have a direct impact on the construction of current highway projects. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the use and management of the equipment to ensure that the equipment will not have any failure problems and that all functions can be fully utilized. It can also make the application effect of the equipment reach the standard, ensure the smooth implementation of the highway project, and promote the development of the highway project.
Orderly construction, producing relatively high economic and social benefits and laying a solid foundation for the development of the highway field.
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