The mortar spraying machine operation skills

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Safety first!

Whenever and wherever you operate the machine, you must put safety in the first place!

1)The machine should be placed in a flat and developed safe area with an external power cord from a professional electrician. To use the 6-square-meter national standard cable copper wire, it must be connected to an effective ground wire and enter the host power supply through the leakage protector. When the voltage and current are unstable and do not meet the requirements of the machine, stop the operation immediately.

2)It is normal that the new machine may be difficult to stall for the first time because the high-pressure pump head of the new machine is tightly combined and the pressure is too high. The lubricating fluid can be properly added into the hopper, and the manual gear can be repeatedly started several times and then sprayed out.

3)During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the auger in the hopper and the rotating part of the pump head. Minors and persons with intellectual disabilities are not allowed to operate this equipment.

4)If there is an emergency, press the emergency stop button as soon as possible, and restart after troubleshooting.

5)Cut off the power when replacing vulnerable parts or repairing the machine. Do not modify the structure of the machine without authorization, and check whether the circuit is aging or damaged and replace it in time.

Machine control button operation

There is a power indicator on the panel of the machine. The indicator will light up when the phase sequence is correct after the external power is turned on.

Emergency stop button The machine presses the emergency stop button for the first time in an emergency abnormal situation to ensure personal safety and damage caused by machine failure.

The single and double control buttons of the air compressor are used to control the single start or double start of the air compressor inside the machine, thereby reducing the control and increasing the air output. It is more effective to control the spraying effect when spraying different materials.

Manual automatic control button, manual gear start-generally used for the first time to debug the machine and pump the mortar (the spray gun should be removed when pumping), to clean the machine and pipeline.

The automatic gear starts the formal spraying construction operation. The host can be controlled by the air outlet valve switch on the spray gun to open the air outlet valve switch and start the host, close the air outlet valve switch and close the host after 2-3 seconds (because of the gas compression buffer time). The pressure is adjusted by the internal pressure switch.

Preparatory work before and after construction

Before starting the construction, make sure that the wall of the construction wall has enough water absorption after repeated spraying to wet the wall so that there is enough wall treatment time after the wall is sprayed, and the cement shear wall that needs to be roughened should be roughened in advance.

Before each start-up construction, about 30 liters of 4:6 pure cement mixed water must be added to the hopper and sprayed out, and mortar should be added after the pipeline is fully lubricated. When spraying, the operator should wear protective glasses and wear protection Wear a jacket.

The downtime during construction should be determined by the solidification and denaturation time of the mortar material. If the solidification time of the material is short and the speed is fast, the downtime should be shortened. If the time is exceeded, it should be sprayed in time and handled in accordance with the end of construction.

At the end of each construction, the remaining mortar materials in the hopper must be completely sprayed out or cleaned up (the main machine must be turned off when manually cleaning the materials in the hopper to prevent mechanical injury). Then add 30-50 liters of 4:6 pure cement mixing water that is evenly mixed in advance to completely eject the remaining mortar material in the conveying pipe, and then repeatedly clean the inside of the pipe with clean water and spray to ensure that the conveying pipe is clean and free of residue.

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