The introduction of the 330 model floor grinding machine

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330 model floor grinding machine

Everyone is curious about how the smooth floor paint and stone surfaces achieve this effect. This is mainly due to the floor grinder. Of course, it is called a floor grinder and it is not just for floor polishing. Its application scope is summarized as follows:

  1. Floor grinders are mainly used for leveling, sanding, and polishing cement floors, terrazzo floors, aggregates, granite, etc.
  2. Polishing of epoxy intermediate layer; smooth rough surface or traces of trowel.
  3. The treatment of the painted surface, the removal of surface adhesion, and coating defects.
  4. Remove the blemishes on the mortar surface and level the raised patches.
  5. Remove paint, polyurethane, epoxy, etc. on the floor surface.
  6. Clean, wax, and polish hardened floor. Our machines can meet the above needs.

Machine feature

  1. we have equipped this machine with a high-power vacuum cleaner, the external 1.8kw fan, which has strong power and fast heat dissipation, low noise, long time working, you can see the suction pipe, which can quickly suck dust into the dust box, effectively reducing the dust during the working process (to be dust-free and polished)

2. Concerning the grinding part, 4KW national standard pure copper motor, stable and strong power, thickened multi-purpose grinding disc, replaceable grinding disc, and grinding block to adapt to different floors. The adaptive dust cover works with the vacuum cleaner to improve the efficiency of dust collection.

At the same time, it is equipped with enlarged walking wheels, which is convenient to move, and it is effortless to go uphill.

Then, when you receive the machine, there are some preparations need to do before using it.

First, we need to connect a circuit breaker to the power, and the min rated current of the circuit breaker should be 100A. Do not use sockets or power strips. Otherwise, the motor may malfunction due to unstable voltage and current.

 The second ,then connect the wire from the circuit breaker to the aviation plug. For the use of the power wire, we will mark the requirements for you here. Please use the wires as required.

Then open the junction box to check whether the wiring part is connecting well.

The third, Insert the aviation plug, the power light will be on, Turn the running switch, the running indicator will light up, and check whether the working disc is working clockwise. If it is not, turn the switch in the opposite direction, and make sure that the working disc is turned clockwise every time it is used.

If all the above checks are correct, you can start work.

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