Tamping rammer or plate compactor, how to choose?

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If you want to do a job the right way, tamping is a necessary endeavor. But, many tradies have the same question: Should I use a tamping rammer or a compactor machine?

While some point only to ease of use and make their decision then, this characteristic is only one small part of a much larger picture.

Are you a bricklayer? A landscaper or a tradesman?

If so, then you know how important your tools are. The right choice saves you time, energy, and money. That’s why we’re going to address this question once and for all.

The difference between impact rammer and plate rammer, their respective advantages

A vibration plate compactor is a compaction machine that uses vibration exciters to generate vibrations for compaction operations. It is widely used in construction foundations, backfill foundations, roads, squares, pipelines, trenches, compaction, and asphalt concrete pavement repairs. Especially for non-cohesive sand and gravel, the compaction effect is better. Plate compactors have a reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large compacted area, stable operation, no dead corners, and high efficiency.

Impact rammer is a machine that uses impact and impact vibration force to compact the backfill in layers. Rammer is compaction equipment for concrete, gravel, soil, etc. It is generally divided into gasoline rammer and electric rammer. Impact ramming is suitable for the construction of buildings, grounds, courtyards, roadbeds, bridge piles, trenches, fields, narrow sites, and other environments, and can be qualified for construction tasks that large and medium-sized machinery cannot complete. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, light compaction weight, large compaction capacity, high production efficiency, good welt performance, flexible operation, simple and convenient, safe and reliable. Plate compactors have a reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large compacted area, stable operation, no dead corners, and high efficiency.

Issues to be considered when choosing equipment for tamping rammer

The performance of the machine: mainly depends on the excitation force. The greater the excitation force, the more guaranteed the construction quality and the faster the construction speed.

The quality of the machine: mainly depends on the durability of the power system and the excitation system. These parts are the key to the normal use of the entire impact rammer.

Price: There are two parts to consider, the first direct cost and the subsequent maintenance cost.

Advantages of IDEAL products:

For tamping rammer:

The forging gear: Forging gears are made of tool steel, adopt 6 times quenching workmanship, 2 years warranty is available for gears.

Aluminum rammer head: aluminum gearbox has good heat radiation and light of the head.

Bellows: Imported PU bellows guarantee the rammer can work well.

Thick steel plate: the foot is made of 2.5mm steel sheet and full set wood.

For plate compactor:

High-quality engine: HONDA or Loncin gasoline,

Thicken plate: adopt casting steel plate, more powerful, super quality, long working life plate.

Rubber shock absorber: Natural rubber material, excellent shock-absorbing function, and good elasticity.


Take a moment to evaluate your business needs.

Do you find that your compactor doesn’t establish layers as quickly as you need?  Do you find yourself taking extra time when excavating because working in trenches and tight spaces is difficult?

All of these might be your way of realizing that a rammer is going to pay for itself in no time.

Sealed belt cover: Avoid cluch and belt are damaged due to dust and other unexpected factors effectively.Guarantee working performance.

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