Steel bar cutter machine for technical parameter

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What is a rebar cutter?

Steel bar cutting machine is a metal shearing machine, it is widely used in construction sites for cutting cold and hot round bar, deformed bar, flat steel, angle steel, and square steel.it has lightweight, low consumption, high efficiency. According to the operation mode, it is divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. A fully automatic is also called an electric rebar cutting machine. Electric energy is converted into kinetic energy through a motor to control the cutting of the cutter to achieve the effect of cutting steel. The semi-automatic one is to manually control the incision to cut the steel bar.

The steel bar cutting machine we factory produce is automatic. According to the model, it is divided into GQ40 GQ42 GQ45 GQ50 GQ60. GQ40 is divided into GQ40A GQ40B GQ40C GQ40D


How does a rebar cutter work?

The steel bar cutting machine belongs to mechanical transmission, because of its simple structure and convenient use, it is widely used. Structure: Mainly composed of electric motor, transmission system, deceleration mechanism, crankshaft mechanism, body, and cutting blade. Suitable for cutting 6~40mm (commonly used) carbon steel bars. Working principle: Driven by a motor, the crankshaft is driven to rotate through the V belt wheel and cylindrical gear deceleration. A connecting rod is installed on the crankshaft. The connecting rod drives the sliding block and the movable blade to reciprocate in the slideway of the machine base. The fixed blade and the fixed blade fixed on the machine base are made of 9-melted silicon steel and processed by heat treatment. Generally, the front angle is 3 °, the back angle is 12°. Generally, the distance between the fixed blade and the movable blade is 0.5~1mm. Two stoppers are installed on the machine base on both sides of the knife edge to reduce the swing of steel bars.

Steel bar cutter machine for technical parameter

ModelCutting rangeMotor PowerWeightSize
GQ40AA3 round bar:6-28mm2.2KW300KGS1120*330*620mm
GQ40BA3 round bar:6-32mm3KW320KGS1350*400*720mm
GQ40CA3 round bar:6-40mm3KW350KGS1350*450*750mm
GQ40DA3 round bar:6-40mm3KW380KGS1350*450*750mm
GQ42A3 round bar:6-40mm3KW350KGS1300*450*700mm
GQ45A3 round bar:6-40mm3KW370KGS1330*450*780mm
GQ50A3 round bar:6-45mm4KW500KGS1400*500*850mm
GQ60A3 round bar:6-60mm5.5KW800KGS1550*620*900mm

Rebar cutting machine for main parts

Rebar cutter blade: The commonly used rebar cutting machine blade size is divided into 83*83*16(GQ40A) 83*83*26(GQ40B GQ40C), 90*90*26mm(GQ50). The cutting blade is made of T8 T10,9 crsi or H13, the different material cause different quality, the H13 has best hardness and durability, but the cost is more expensive too, we usually use 9crsi to our machine, it has superior quality and reasonable price. Blade size include 83*83*16(GQ40A) 83*83*26(GQ40B GQ40C),90*90*26mm(GQ50).Differentiated by appearance: Square blade, Circle blade(it is used for threading), and angle blade(it is used for angle steel)

Blade base and connector rod: they are made of casting steel, after 6 times quenching workmanship, it is more, hardness and durability

Side Cover: every work 8 hours have to tighten the screws, the heavy type cover is made of cast steel and the thickness is 32mm.

The crankshaft is made of 45# round steel

I shaft, II shaft, III shaft, II gear, III gear are made of casting steel and then through 6 times quenching workmanship, in order to reduce noise, all of our gears adopted gear shaving processing.

Motor pulley、Fly wheel、Brass wings、Clutch、moving gearwheel、Blade board、Blade clip、Blade clip、Protector、bearings cap.

Rebar cutter machine for after-sale service

1-year warranty except for quick-wear parts, free parts are supplied during the warranty period. the following is the quick-wear parts list.

Blade1 set
Blade board1pcs
Blade clip1 set
Connect rod1pcs
Brass wings1 set
Side cover1pcs

Rebar cutting machine for operation and maintain

1) The feed roller has to be in the same line as the bottom side of the blade.

2)Must checking blade, every screw, protector before starting it, running the pulley by hands for checking the gears and blade.

3)Don’t cut the rebar when it is started, checking the transmission system and bearings, and then cutting the rebar.

4)Don’t allow cutting the rebar if the machine is not normal running.

5)Clean the dust from the machine and checking the protector and lube oil.

6)Checking power wire and switch.

7)Checking side cover.

8)Run the machine by hand and checking the gears, and then open the switch, after it is normal running, check the running noise.

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