Ride on power trowel

Ideal ride on power trowels includes 30″, 36″ and 42″,different floor sizes needs different models. You will find the favorite models of ride on power trowel at the following,

What is a ride on power trowel

Ride on power trowels have two spiders and are controlled by an operator sitting on a seat, controlling the power trowel movement with two mechanical levers.

Blade pitch is controlled either by manual turn handles, (usually both spiders have linked together) The Ride on power trowels range has 30’ 36’, and 42’, weight from 200KGS to 500KGS.and the power range is 13HP single-cylinder engine for 30’, 24HP double cylinder engine for 36’,37HP double cylinder engine to 42’. the Drive systems adopt variations of direct mechanical drive (typically using a CVT-style clutch)

Additionally, they are available in the use of float pans

Product category

Ride on concrete power trowel machines used for housing, warehouses, garages, industrial buildings, and airports due to the continuous heavy load in such areas. Find your favorite ride on power trowel here