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1. Product introduction 

A trowel is a tool for rough and fine troweling of the concrete surface. The machine-constructed surface is smoother and flatter than the manual construction surface, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and improve the work efficiency by more than 10 times compared with manual operation.  

 2. Product use 

Mainly used for grouting, compaction, smoothing and troweling of concrete surfaces. The ground troweling machine can be widely used for grouting, troweling, and troweling of concrete surfaces of high-standard workshops, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports and frame buildings. It is the tool of choice in concrete construction.

3. Operating Rules

1). Before driving the trowel, check whether the cables, switches, and other equipment are normal, and check whether the polishing pads, nuts, etc. are loose. Wear protective gear when operating.

2). When the trowel is to be parked on a slope, it should be turned off and placed on the slope, and wedges should be placed under the front and rear wheels. It should be ensured that the location where the trowel is parked will not cause traffic accidents.

3). The dragging of the trowel generally does not exceed 200m.

4). When towing the trowel, the hydrostatic device should be in a disengaged state, that is, the small button located under the hydrostatic device should be pressed into the pump body, and the towing speed should not be higher than 3km/h.

5). Whether it is rolling uphill or rolling downhill, the driving wheel of the trowel should be behind. Because when going uphill, the rear driving wheel can bear the driving force provided by the ramp and the machine itself, and at the same time, the front wheel performs preliminary compaction on the road surface to withstand the large shear force generated by the driving wheel; when going downhill, wipe The impact force generated by the self-weight of the light machine is offset by the braking of the driving wheel. Only the mixture rolled by the front wheel has the ability to support the rear driving wheel to generate shearing force.

6). After the work of the trowel is completed, turn off the switch in time and disconnect from the power supply. When placing the trowel, the blade of the trowel should be downward, so as not to hurt people due to the inertial rotation of the blade.

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