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In this article I would like to introduce new type of multi-functional steel processing machine – combined punching and shearing machine. If you are a hardware supplier, or a professional steel processing company, then I think you should need one.

What is punching and shearing machine?

Most of the traditional steel processing methods are carried out using stamping machines, such as turret stamping machines, CNC stamping machines, etc. These machines are cumbersome and expensive. The premise of investing in it is mainly to have enough business support to make it non-stop every day. Production benefits you. Compared to these larger machines, our punching and shearing machines are compact, functional and cost less.

Punching and shearing machine integrates a variety of steel processing functions, including metal shearing, plate shearing, and punching, etc. It is simple to operate, consumes low energy consumption, and uses low maintenance costs. Effective It saves money and is an ideal equipment for metal processing in modern manufacturing; it is widely used in steel structure processing, as well as mechanical processing, mechanical shell and small parts processing. The equipment has a compact structure, complete functions, and simple operation. Safe to use.

The machine consists of motor, body, transmission system, clutch and other parts. The motor drives the pulley to rotate, further drives the eccentric shaft, and the cutter seat connected to the eccentric shaft reciprocates in the body, so that the blade punches and cuts the steel bars, steel bars, etc.

Different founctions of the punching and shearing machine


Punching holes in steel plates can be used in many places, such as the manufacture of hardware, as mounting holes, etc. The machine can make round holes or long holes, which are suitable for different Steel plate punching can be used in many places, such as hardware manufacturing, installation holes, etc. The machine can punch round holes or long holes, which are suitable for different occasions. And if you need to punch holes of different sizes, the machine can also change the die. Please refer to the machine parameter table at the end of the article for the punching size of different machines.


The machine has multiple working positions for cutting functions, which are suitable for different sheets, and can also cut different angles and shapes. The machine can cut a V-shaped angle or a right angle on the channel steel angle iron. It can also be used for cutting operations. For steel plates, the machine has a professional position for cutting, and it can also cut steel bars. But due to the different machine sizes of different models, not every machine is fully equipped with these functions, you can tell us your needs to customize.

Different models of the punching and shearing machine

There are 5 models of machines, QA32-8–QA32-16. The models of punching machine mainly depend on the thickness of the sheet to which it is applied. For example, the QA32-8 model can process plates with a maximum thickness of 8mm, whether it is angle steel, channel steel or steel plate, the thickness should be less than 8mm. Therefore, the thickness of the sheets used can be distinguished according to the model of the machine.

How to choose the suitable machine?

First of all, you need to determine the thickness of the sheet you are using, and you can choose the appropriate type of punching and shearing machine according to the thickness of your sheet. For example, if your plate thickness is 8mm, you can choose QA32-8 type, if the thickness is 9mm/10mm, you can choose QA32-10 type. At the same time, we will provide you with a limit value for each function of the machine. Below this limit value, you can customize the various functional molds equipped on the machine.

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