Ideal rebar cutting machines include the automatic type and portable hydraulic type. You will find the favorite models of rebar cutting machines at the following,

What is rebar cutting machine

Steel bar cutting machine is a metal shearing machine, it is widely used in construction sites for cutting cold and hot round bars, deformed bars, flat steel, angle steel, and square steel. when we use the steel bar for establishing the buildings, because it is too long, we have to cut it into small pieces to use, at this time, the steel bar cutting machine will play its role.

Generally speaking, the steel bar cutting machine has the automatic type and semi-automatic type. Fully automatic also called electric rebar cutting machine, converts electric energy into kinetic energy through a motor to control the blade of the rebar cutter to achieve the effect of cutting steel bars. The semi-automatic is manually controlling type, so as to cut the steel bar. And more should belong to the hydraulic steel bar cutting machine. Hydraulic steel bar cutting machine is divided into two categories: rechargeable and portable.

Product category

electric rebar cutting machine, portable rebar cutter,diesel engine rebar cutting machine


Input voltage:three-phase 380VAC

Cutting range:6-40mm

Net Weight:350kgs


Input voltage:three-phase 380VAC

Cutting range:6-42mm

Net Weight:380kgs


Input voltage:three-phase 380VAC

Cutting range:6-46mm

Net Weight420kgs


Input voltage:three-phase 380VAC

Cutting range:6-50mm

Net Weight:500KGS


Input voltage:three-phase 380VAC

Cutting range:6-60mm

Net Weight:600kgs


Water-cooled Diesel engine

Cutting range:6-40mm

Net Weight:600kgs

Portable rebar cutter

Input voltage:single-phase 220VAC

Cutting range:6-25mm

Net Weight:15kgs

Punching machine

Input voltage:single-phase 220VAC


Net Weight:20KGS

How to choose the rebar cutting machine

when you prepare to buy a rebar cutting machine, do you usually think about how to choose the correct model? are you confused about what each model represents, it is lucky that you find the best page,

GQ represents rebar cutting machine, and the number represents cutting range, for example, GQ40 means 40 type rebar cutting machine, the maximum cutting diameter is 40mm for the round bar.

please see the following how to choose the correct model of rebar cutting machine

Step 1: Cutting material

The rebar cutting machine is usually used for cutting round bar,flat bar,Square steel and angle steel,before you buy it,please confirm the material first,because different materials has different hardness

Step 2:Cutting size

You have to know the size of the cutting rebars,because the different size has different hardness.for example,GQ40 just can cutter 40mm or below round bar,GQ50 can cut 6-50mm round bar.

Step 3: Input power

You have to confirm the input voltage and frequency,Normally the rebar cutting machine is usually connected three phase 380VAC~440VAC,but if you want to single phase, it can be customized.

Step 4: Working site

The rebar cutting machine is usually used in construction site.if it is used for house construction,the 40 or 46 type are enough,if it is used for bridge,high-speed way,recommend you to choose 50 or 60 type.

Step 5:Purchase budget

If the purchase budget is enough, we usually recommend our customer choose the heavy type,because the big model influence the working efficiency and working life.but if not, you can choose the light type and cut the rebars one by one.

Step 6: Working efficiency

If you just cut small quantity of rebars,you can choose a portable rebar cutter or light type of rebar cutting machine.but if the cutting quantity is too large,you have to choose heavy type for raising the efficiency.because it can cut several pieces rebars in a time.

Technicial parameter


Cutting range

Motor Power




A3 round bar:6-28mm





A3 round bar:6-32mm





A3 round bar:6-40mm





A3 round bar:6-40mm





A3 round bar:6-40mm





A3 round bar:6-40mm





A3 round bar:6-45mm





A3 round bar:6-60mm




Why choose ideal rebar cutting machine

The first piece rebar cutting machine was produced by Ideal machinery in 2000, Up to now, more than 20 years of producing experience. the first piece rebar cutting machine was sold to the overseas market in 2007. at present, nearly 50,000 pieces ideal rebar cutting machines are running all over the world’s construction sites. all of our rebar cutting machines have approved CE and ISO9001 certifications.

the photo on the left is one of my customers sent to us, it was used for about 10 years, and it is still servicing my customers, he said the quality was really beyond his expectation.

Rebar cutting machine main part

1-year warranty is available except for quick-wear parts, free parts are supplied during the warranty period. the following is the quick-wear parts list




1 set

Blade board


Blade clip

1 set(2pcs)

Connect rod


Brass wings

1 set(2pcs)

Side cover


Cutting Blade

we usually use 9crsi for our machine, it has superior quality and reasonable price.if you want to H13,it can be customized.

Connect rod& Blade base

They are made of cast steel, and after 6 times quenching workmanship

Side cover

Every 8 hours must to tight the screws, , it is made of cast steel and the thickness is 32mm.the casting material.


The crankshaft is made of 45# round steel, processed by the machining center machine, and then through 6 times quenching. that’s why it is more durable and wear-resistance

Gear shaft

I shaft,II shaft,III shaft ,II gear,III gear are made of casting steel and then though 6 times quenching workmanship,in order to reduce noise,all of our gears adopted agear shaving processing.


The Wings are made of brass, which is more durable and wear-resistance than powder iron wings. Ideal machinery only uses brass wings for our rebar cutting can rest assured

How to operate the rebar cutting machine

When you receive the new machine, it has to pour 8-10KG(N150-220#)splash gear oil into the enclosure. the gear oil has to exchange after use 1 month.


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Step 1: Before starting

The feed roller has to in the same line with bottom side of blade, and the working desk length can be customized according to cutting material length.Before starting, it should be checked and confirmed that the blades have no cracks, the bolts of the knife holder are fastened, and the protective cover is fixed. Then turn the flywheel by hand, and check the gear meshing space, and adjust the blades space;

Step 2: After starting

After starting, Confirm the motor is running forward,if not,please change the power should be no load running first, and the operation can be done after checking that the transmission parts and bearings are in normal running state. When the running speed doesn’t come to the normal state, do not allow the machine cut the material.

Step 3: Operating machine

When cutting the materials, it’s better to use the blades middle and bottom parts , Grasp the steel bar and put it into cutting mouth quickly,The operator should stand on the side of the fixed blade and press the steel bar to prevent the end of the steel bar from fly out and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden to use both hands to hold the steel bar on both sides of the blade.

How to maintain the machine

The rebar cutting machine maintenance is very important it has to do maintained before, during, and after to use it

Step 1

Clean the dust on the body, check whether the protective device is complete and reliable, and add the specified lubricated oil according to the lubrication table.

Step 2

Check the power cables, it should be firmly connected, install the fuse, the circuit breaker should be in reliable contact, and the grounding should be connect well

Step 3

When the machine working, pay attention to the operation of the machine and whether the bearing and the brass wings are overheated.

Step 4

Run the machine by hand and checking the gears, and then turn on the switch,after it is normal running ,check the running noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The cutting range is different,GQ40A is 6-28mm,GQ40B is 6-32mm,GQ40C and GQ40D are 6-40mm
  • Motor power is different,GQ40A is 2.2KW,GQ40B GQ40C and GQ40D are 3KW.
  • Configuration is different,the GQ40A and GQ40B are made of normal case and gears,GQ40C and GQ40D are made of heavy gears and they are stronger than GQ40A and GQ40B

The GQ40C is installed square blade and GQ40D installed circle blade,so the cutting surface of GQ40D is more smooth than GQ40C ,it is usually use for threading screws with rebar threading machine.

If you take the quality into consideration,you will find that our price is know,our rebar cutter is made of heavy type gears which through 6 times quenching, and the blade is made of 9crsi,the 100% pure copper motor and so on,1 years warranty is available,we will supply you free parts during the warranty period.

  • Please check pulley running direction,if the pulley is running by clockwise,that means wrong wire have to exchange 2pcs power wire from motor.
  • If the power wire is right connection,you have to open the top-cap and check the connect rod and clutch.

The single phase 220VAC can be customized,but the price is a little higher than three phase 380VAC.the price is XXX

Yes, the three phase 220VAC can be customized,but the price is a little higher than three phase 380VAC.the price is XXX

Yes,we can OEM for you

Yes,you can ,but the MOQ is 10 units,because we paint them by batch,so if you buy 1pcs ,we just can use our own color


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