YM330 epoxy floor concrete grinding machine

  • It is easy to operate and assemble.
  • The epoxy grinding machine can be used in a lot of places from floor preparation to polishing and you won’t be disappointed with the results.
Weight120 kg
Dimensions110 × 50 × 95 cm
Pan Diameter


Motor Power


Pan Speed


Grinding bit


Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock


Details about YM330 epoxy floor concrete grinding machine

Pan diameter330MM
Motor power3KW
Pan speed0-1800R/MIN
Grinding bit amount3PCS OR 5PCS
Work efficiency2500-3500m/8h
Motor Speed1440r/min
Outline size1100*500*950mm

The epoxy grinding machine used places requiring surface treatment. Removal of paint, epoxy, glue, and other coatings from concrete, Preparation of concrete for installation of new flooring/coating, Elimination of irregularities in concrete, Repair of damaged concrete, Renovation works.

Epoxy Floor Title Grinding Machine Grinder wiring plug uses industrial safe configuration to ensure users’ security. It shows a beautiful appearance and convenient connecting. There is 3 angle adjustment of the operation handle, to make the operating more diversity and convenient.

With you YM330 epoxy floor concrete grinding machine

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