Wg-38 Chinese Industry Platform Pipe Bender Price

  • This product is customized, please consult customer service in detail before purchase, we will give you professional answers.
  • Bending different tubes, and different specifications, all need different molds.
Weight 260 kg
Dimensions 90 × 80 × 100 cm
Bending diameter range


Bending Speed


Max Bending Angle


Min Bending Angle


Details about Wg-38 Chinese Industry Platform Pipe Bender Price

Adapt to various types of pipe bending, tell me the material, wall thickness, diameter (inner diameter), bending angle, or radian of the bending pipeand we will recommend the most suitable pipe bender for you!

Model WG-26 WG-38 WG -51 WG-76
Bending diameter range 4-26mm
Bending Speed 20r/min 10-12r/min 4-6r/min 3-5r/min
Max Bending Angle 180 180 180 180
Min Bending Angle 5 5 5 5
Motor power 2.2kw 3kw 3kw 4kw
Power supply 380V,50HZ,3P 380V,50HZ,3P 380V,50HZ,3P 380V,50HZ,3P
Footswitch voltage DC 5V DC 5V DC 5V DC 5V
Overall dimension 800*650*900 900*800*1000 950*850*1000 1000*900*1100
Total weight 180kg 260kg 320kg 350kg
The mold needs to be customized          220VC be customized

The Platform pipe bending machine is applicable for bending stainless steel and other kinds of thin-wall metal pipes into arc shapes. It is suitable for round, square, and rectangular pipes and features smooth round bending.

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