Square Wood Timber Multi-Blade Log Cutting Saw Machine

  • Double saw spindle, small saw blade diameter, and thin saw kerf; flat and smooth sawing surface (replace planer)
  • Energy-saving and low waste due to the multi-blade design; high feeding speed and greatly improve efficiency.
  • Fast loading, easy operation, and high timber utilization.
  • Upper-pressing rolls automatically increase the tensile force to ensure stable feeding.
  • Moreover, the spindle cooling, electric degreasing & cooling functions, and external high-pressure spray head help save energy and improve cooling effects.
Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 130 cm
Feed thickness


Feeding length


Feeding speed


Details about Square Wood Timber Multi-Blade Log Cutting Saw Machine

The main function of a square wood multi-blade saw is to cut square wood and process it into multi-specification square blades. It has a large processing diameter, smooth feeding, no burning of saw blades, a small sawing path, and high safety. You can change the cushion sleeve according to the thickness of the plate you want to see and see different plates with unlimited lengths. It is suitable for processing fir, pine, pressed wood, poplar, etc. It is mainly used for slitting wood squares, wood keel, building formwork, planning board, solid wood floor, wood pallet, blockboard, plywood, and multilayer board. It is necessary production equipment for plate processing enterprises.

Feed thickness 1-6CM 2-8CM 3-10CM 3-12CM
Motor power 15+18.5KW 15+18.5KW 18.5KW*2 18.5KW*2
Saw blade 160*1.8mm 160*2.0mm 205*2.2mm 230*2.4mm
Feeding length 30-400cm 30-400cm 30-400cm 30-400cm
Feeding width Not limited Not limited Not limited Not limited
Feeding speed 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10
Dimension 100*200*130cm 100*200*150cm 100*200*155cm 100*200*160cm

1. Wood door specification slat cutting processing.
2. Wood composite floor substrate board cutting processing furniture.
3. Specification board cutting processing.
4. Panel furniture/Office furniture.
5. Cutting wooden crates.
6. Environmental protection sound-absorbing board cutting processing.
7. Super long slab cutting processing.
8. Stress pit and groove processing of solid wood composite board.
9. Finished slats.


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