Q500 Asphalt Concrete Road Cutting Saw Machine

  • Small size, lightweight, easy to transport, high-powered, low fuel consumption, and low noise.
  • Honda gasoline and famous diesel engine, quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start.
Weight160 kg
Dimensions150 × 120 × 110 cm
Wheel Size




Water Tank


Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock


Details about Q500 Asphalt Concrete Road Cutting Saw Machine

ModelMax depthWheel sizeWater tankenginepowerweight
Q500A120mm350-500mm 40-45LGasoline13hp130kg

All our concrete cutter machines are built with a high-quality stainless bearing seat, which is much better than the cast bearing seat many companies are using. It can be a small hand-held cut-off concrete saw, a big walk-behind concrete cutter, or other styles, besides the gasoline, petrol engines; it can also be powered by diesel, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, or electric motors. The cutter blades used on concrete cutters are often diamond cutter blades to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, etc.

Spindle bearing using international famous ball bearing for the heart, which can ensure the machine to adapt to strong load, high-speed work conditions. Adopt thickened material to ensure the thickness of the machine. No power limited, easy to operate.

With you Q500 Asphalt Concrete Road Cutting Saw Machine

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