Portable 4-25mm rebar cutter

  •  Available model: RC-20, RC-22, RC-25,
  •  Available certificate: CE, RoHS
  •  Packing: one set/metal box/carton
Weight 18.3 kg
Dimensions 48 × 20 × 28 cm




Max. rebar


Min. rebar


Details about Portable 4-25mm rebar cutter

Model RC20 RC25
Voltage 220v/110v 220v/110v
Wattage 950w/1250w 1600w/1700w
Gross weight 18.3kg 32kg
Net weight 13kg 24.5kg
Cutting speed 3.0-3.5s 5.0s
Max. rebar 20mm 25mm
Min. rebar 4mm 4mm
Packing size 480*195*280mm 565*230*345mm
Machine size 410*115*220mm 480*150*255mm

Rebar cutters and portable electric hydraulic rebar cutters are light, small, quiet portable, and easy to operate. Also, it is safe for the users as cutting without sparks, sediment, or smell. Use for cutting off construction rebar, deformed bar, round steel bar, steel rod, threaded rod, etc.

Exporting package
1 unit was packed into an iron frame and then packed with 5 layers of corrugated carton. 4 strips reinforced the carton. the fix package guaranteed the machines were not damaged during transportation.
Q1. How can we do if there are problems with the products? A: Our engineers will analyze the problem for you and find the best solution. If problems happened within the guaranteed time, we can replace the components for you free of charge. We have dealers
in some countries, for some technical problems which you can not solve by yourself.Q2. What is the delivery time for your products?
A: Once we promise the delivery time, we will try our best to fulfill it. Special procedures such as emergency inventory will be used to maintain your uninterrupted supply of the products.

Q3. Is there any guarantee for your products
A: Most of our products have one year guarantee(for the main parts).

Q4. How can you control your product quality?
A: Quality is always considered as the most important part during our manufacturing process. All of our products come under strict quality control system from raw material inspection, component inspecting,semi-finished product inspecting,performance test of finished products,to random inspection before delivery.

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