Gasoline engine 5.5hp plate compactor

  • The compacted area is large, firm, and not deformed.
  • New thick rubber shock-absorbing block, durable and wear-resistant, super shock-absorbing.
Weight65 kg
Dimensions62 × 49 × 75 cm
Plate size


Thickness of plate


Centrifugal force


Details about Gasoline engine 5.5hp plate compactor

Plate size370*510mm
Thickness of plate8mm
Centrifugal force12kn
Vibrating fre4200rpm
Walking speed30m/min
EngineW/O engine
Max output5.5hp
Overall size620*490*750mm

The plate compactor is multi-purpose and has a wide range of applications to meet the needs of various construction sites. Pasture ground compaction; asphalt pavement compaction; house foundation, square foundation, etc.

With you Gasoline engine 5.5hp plate compactor

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