Multi Functional Wood Combined Panel Sawing Machine

  • A completely assembled structure can achieve the performance of the overall welded structure.
  • Maximum cutting thickness can reach 900mm, and can directly open large materials.
  • Because of the assembled structure, it can save transportation costs.
  • The trailer and track are integrated Mechanisms, easy to replace, simple and convenient.
Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 170 × 90 × 125 cm
Saw wheel diameter


Max. round wood dia


Max. square wood dia


Thinnest processing thickness


Details about Multi Functional Wood Combined Panel Sawing Machine

IDEAL is pleased to introduce our entry-level sawmill, the ID-WS series. We firmly believe that no one should be denied the life-changing possibilities that come with owning a portable sawmill.
Why? Because owning your own sawmill can give you something money can’t buy …….
FREEDOM! Freedom means… Tapping into the value hidden in your own trees, using species of wood you can’t buy at the lumberyard. Create unique sizes, from veneers to extra wide planks, to beams.
Because we’ve found a way to give you a sturdy little sawmill that’s tough, reliable, and versatile. In fact, the ID-WS series is perfect for you.
If you’re someone who demands uncompromising quality but also needs a more affordable option.

Model ID-WP590 ID-WP690 ID-WP800
Saw wheel diameter 410mm 410mm 510mm
Max. round wood dia 590mm 690mm 900mm
Max. square wood dia 530mm 630mm 830mm
Single processing thickness 150mm 150mm 200mm
Thinnest processing thickness 3-4mm 3-4mm 3-4mm
Standard processing length 3.4m(Customized) 3.4m(Customized) 3.4m(Customized)
Dimension 1700*900*1250mm 1800*900*1350mm 2000*900*1550mm
Saw blade length 3.27m 3.47m 4.35m
Saw blade width 35mm 35mm 35mm
Power 4KW-220V/380V 4KW-220V/380V 7.KW-380V
Power choose Gasoline/Diesel/Electric

Power Control, Flexible And Convenient
We have two modes to choose from for the advancement and elevation of the sawmill: manual and electric. The electric mode can start the machine with one key and control the moving speed of the machine, which is very flexible and convenient.

Six Scales, More Precise
In addition to the typical ruler on the right, you’ve gone to have your quarter scale on the left. So on your quarter scale here we have three-quarter, four-quarter, five-quarter, six-quarter, and eight-quarter. So for the fours, four-quarter here if you drop on that four each time you’re going to be dropping an inch and an eight it has the curve of your blade already calculated in it and you will get a true one-inch board.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm and Blade Engage
Reduce blade travel and support the blade when sawing narrow and wide material with the adjustable blade guide arm. Keep the blade cool and free of pitch, sap, and sawdust while sawing.

Quick-Set Side Supports
Quick-set side supports to use of a convenient and secure notching system for fast adjustment between cuts and when turning logs. Additional built-in bedside support on each cross-section eliminates the need for quick-set side supports while sawing a squared cant and allows for final cuts within 1″ of the bed.

Introduction of Portable Sawmill:
1) The horizontal band saw is designed to see the large-diameter hardwoods and softwood; it has a large saw wheel.
2) Portable horizontal bandsaw sawmills are widely used for African rosewoods, birch, spruce, oak, and teak wood cutting.
3) Owe reputation position to the steady performance of sawing large-diameter wood in Congo, Kenya, and Angola.

1. Hydraulic wood clamping system, easy to operate
2. Power: electric motor or diesel engine
3. Applicable wood: hardwood, softwood, such as teak, oak,kwila, African rosewood, mahogany, etc.
4. Mobile wheels and adjustable legs can also be installed.
5. Installation: easy installation, an operation guide will be provided. Labor saving, high production
6. Options: computer touch screen set sawing thickness, adjustable moving

With you Multi Functional Wood Combined Panel Sawing Machine

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