LTC6/LTC6D road roller compactor for sale

  • Anti-corrosion water spray system, super large capacity water tank, electric pressurized sprinkler, unique nozzle design, covering all steel wheels.
  • Hydraulic vibration, large exciting force, and high compaction density
Weight800 kg
Dimensions369 × 160 × 270 cm
Grade ability


Water tank capacity


Operating mass


Static linear load



Details about LTC6/LTC6D road roller compactor for sale

Operating masskg60006000
Static linear loadN/cm232.4232.4
Drum diametermm950950
Rolling wudthmm13201320
Centrifugal forcekN55
Centrifugal MovementkN.m20.6
Oscillatoin frequencyHz4643
Oriental vibration amplitudemm0.62
Oscillation amplitude0.6
Travel speed1stgear2ndgearKm/h2.5/7.52.5/7.5
Grade ability%>20>20
Diesel model4D32T31/502(Ⅲ)4D32T31/502(Ⅲ)
Diesel speedr/min22002200
Diesel powerkW36.836.8
Overall dimensionmm3690×1600×27003690×1600×2700
Water tank capacityL435435

LTC6 / LTC6D double drum vibratory and oscillating roller is suitable for municipal road and highway maintenance, and also suitable for compaction of narrow pavement such as trench foundation with a width of more than 1.5m, construction, pipeline backfill, sports ground, etc.

With you LTC6/LTC6D road roller compactor for sale

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