LTC210 Manufacturer Road Roller Compactor

  • The air-conditioned driver’s cab is spacious and comfortable, and the rotary working seat makes the operation more flexible and convenient
  • Full hydraulic two-wheel drive, two-wheel vibration
Weight3400 kg
Dimensions500 × 300 × 280 cm
Diesel model




Drum width


Steering angle


Details about LTC210 Manufacturer Road Roller Compactor

Operating masskg10000
Front axle loadkg5000
Rear axle loadkg5000
Static linear loadN/cm289
Form of frame Fork-type
Water tank capacityL2×450
Fuel tank capacityL134
Hydraulic tank capacityL75
Vibration frequencymm 
High ampl. 0.67
Low ampl. 0.34
Vibration frequencyHz 
High ampl. 40
Low ampl. 46
Centrifugal forcekN 
High ampl. 160×2
Low ampl. 90×2
Travel speedkm/h0-10
Turning radiusmm6000
Grade ability%30
Steering angle°±30
Drum diametermm1150
Drum widthmm1730
Transverse swing angle of the vibrating wheel°±8
Type of water spraymmPressure
Overall lengthmm4558
Overall widthmm1840
Overall heightmm2674
Ground clearancemm258
Diesel model QSB3.9
Diesel powerkw74
Diesel speedr/min2400

LTC210 adopts foreign advanced technology and imported key components to produce a full hydraulic vibratory roller. It is a heavy-duty double steel wheel Tandem Vibratory Roller, which is suitable for compaction of road asphalt concrete, sand gravel mixture, and dry hard cement concrete. It is general construction equipment for road, municipal road, parking lot, and industrial field.

With you LTC210 Manufacturer Road Roller Compactor

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