LTC203P/LTC203/LTC204 Vibratory Road Roller Construction Machinery

  • The engine adopts zn390b national three diesel engine, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly, and easy to use and maintain
  • The whole machine is compact in structure and small in volume and can be used for compaction in narrow sites. It has a good economic performance of small investment and quick income
Weight3400 kg
Dimensions276 × 140 × 258 cm
Drum diameter




Water tank capacity


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Details about LTC203P/LTC203/LTC204 Vibratory Road Roller Construction Machinery

Operating masskg300034004000
Static linear loadN/cm136/180136/136150/150
Vibration frequencymm0.50.5/0.50.5/0.5
Centrifugal forceKN302*302*30
Vibration frequencykz505050
Travel speedKm/h0-120-120-12
Grade ability%323025
Steering angle+26+26+26
Overall dimensionmm2760*1400*25802760*1400*25202760*1400*2520
Drum diametermm700700700
Drum widthmm125012501300
Quantity of rear tirePic4//
Specification of rear tire7.50-15//
Diesel powerKw232323
Diesel modelZN390BZN390BZN390B
Water tank capacityL200200200

LTC203P/LTC203/LTC204 series vibratory roller is suitable for municipal road, highway maintenance, trench foundation, construction, pipeline backfill, sports ground, and other narrow pavement compaction.

1.Hydraulic two-wheel travel, hydraulic two-wheel vibration, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and the best function/price ratio;
2.Ltc203p hydraulic front and rear-wheel drive travel, hydraulic front-wheel vibration;
3.The front and rear wheels are equipped with mud scraping boards and sprinkler devices. The advanced sprinkler pump system can realize intermittent sprinkling, which greatly widens the construction conditions of machinery;
4.The rear wheel is composed of 4 smooth tires, which has the dual functions of steel wheel roller and tire roller, which can effectively improve the compaction quality of asphalt pavement and improve the climbing ability;
5.More stable walking, good shock absorption effect;
6.High-grade aviation seats greatly improve the comfort of operators and reduce fatigue;

With you LTC203P/LTC203/LTC204 Vibratory Road Roller Construction Machinery

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