LS-330 automatic concrete level screed

  • Precision laser technology, closed-loop control technology, highly precise integrated hydraulic system, microcomputer automatic control.
  • Laser transmitter can automatically control plane and two-way slope.
Weight255 kg
Dimensions321 × 280 × 116 cm


Driving System

Electric Servo System



Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock

Details about LS-330 automatic concrete level screed

Engine modelHONDA
Power Supply System2.6KW single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine EC2500CX
Drive SystemElectric servo system
Flat Head Width2.6m

Laser leveling machine is used in large area concrete construction, such as a workshop, supermarket, warehouse, airport, playground, etc. Laser leveling machine can meet the construction requirements of large area and high flatness.

First: Indoor floor:

1) Underground warehouses, automated workshops 2) Supermarkets, logistics centers, exhibition centers, etc.

Second: outdoor ground:

1) Wharf, container yard 2) Airport runways, aprons, parking lots; 3) Plazas, residential buildings floors, roads, bridges, etc.


With you LS-330 automatic concrete level screed

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