Level 4 Charging Station EV Charger

  • Flexible configuration
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Support customization
  • Multiple connectors
  • Ultra-low energy consumption
  • Convenient payment
Weight100 kg
Dimensions70 × 59 × 190 cm
Output power


Output voltage


Output current

Max. 267A

Details about Level 4 Charging Station EV Charger

Model No.
Input voltage
Three-phase 380VAC±15%
Input current
Max. 308A
Output power
Output voltage
Output current
Max. 267A
Operating Frequency
IP Code
Cooling Method
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +55ºC
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +70ºC
Charging Gun Cable Length
Overall dimensions

1. Flexible configuration;
More flexible power distribution mode, group charging models can perform power allocation according to fixed units.

2. Compatible with multiple models;
Wide range of constant power, which not only meets the power requirements of low voltage charging for small cars but also the power requirements of high voltage charging for buses.

3. Support customization
60kW-150kW multiple power configuration methods to meet customer’s customized needs;

4. Multiple connectors;
The dual gun model adopts a dual network port design, and the two charging circuits communicate independently, which is simple and reliable

5. Ultra-low energy consumption;
Low power loss during operation and standby, effectively reducing customers’ operating costs

6. Convenient payment;
Supports various settlement methods such as credit card, VIN code, and scan code payment, and the operation is simple.

With you Level 4 Charging Station EV Charger

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