Large Road Asphalt Concrete Cutter Machine

  • Large-scale road cutting machine, high efficiency.
  • Can be equipped with 700 mm and 1000 mm saw blades.
Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 90 cm
Cutter depth


Saw blade size


Details about Large Road Asphalt Concrete Cutter Machine

Model: Q700 Model: Q1000
Engine: ChangChai Engine: ChangChai
Driveway: Electric Driveway: Electric
Weight: 230KG Weight: 300KG
Power:20HP Power:25HP
Water capacity:50L Water capacity:50L
Saw blade:600-700mm Saw blade:1000mm
Cutting depth: 270mm Cutting depth: 300mm

The road cutting machine is a tool for road maintenance and construction. Its main function is to cut a thin line on the road with a depth of 100mm-200mm. It is often used on cement pavement and asphalt pavement.

Q1. What can we do if there are problems with the products? A: Our engineers will analyze the problem for you and find the best solution. If problems happened within the guaranteed time, we could replace the components for you free of charge. We have dealers
in some countries, for some technical problems which you can not solve by yourself.Q2. What is the delivery time for your products?
A: Once we promise the delivery time, we will try our best to fulfill it. Special procedures such as emergency inventory will be used to maintain your uninterrupted supply of the products.

Q3. Is there any guarantee for your products
A: Most of our products have one year guarantee(for the main parts).

Q4. How can you control your product quality?
A: Quality is always considered the most important part of our manufacturing process. All of our products come under a strict quality control system from raw material inspection, component inspecting,semi-finished product inspecting, performance test of finished products, to random inspection before delivery.

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