GW50 Construction steel bar rebar bending machine

  • Equipped with a stop switch, and it’s flexibly and reliable to operate.
  • Foot pedal control switch gives the ease of one-man operation for bending rebates.
Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 97 × 83 × 86 cm




Power (kW)



1 Year

Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock

Details about GW50 Construction steel bar rebar bending machine

Model GW50A GW50B
Bending range


Round bar:6-50

Class bar:6-42

Round bar:6-50

Class bar:6-42

Disk diameter(mm) 400 400
Overall size(mm) 965*785*780 970*830*860
weight 350kg 380kg
Driving mode Worm gear Worm gear
Operation mode Hand manual Hand manual

GW50 semi-automatic bending machine is a kind of bending machine used in construction sites. The process of the machine is simplified, easy to use. Bending angle and size can be arbitrarily adjusted.GW50 can process 6-42mm round steel bars into any shapes.

Main Features of GW50 steel bar bender machine:

  • Safety, angle standard, high speed, convenient to carry.
  • Only one person at work doesn’t need training, also can operate.
  • Angle standard: adjust the angle range between 0-360 degrees.

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