GW46 steel bar bending machine

  • 12mm thick panel, LCD voltage display
  • 3-phase 220v/380v, dual voltage input
  • Phase failure protection, customized heavy gearbox
  • Eye-catching design, normal and pro types are available
Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 94 × 89 × 90 cm
Round Bar






Details about GW46 steel bar bending machine

Model GW46
Round Bar Φ6-Φ42mm
III-CLASS Bar Φ6-Φ36mm
Power 3KW
Input Voltage 3PHASE:220/380/415VAC
Overall Size 940*890*900mm
Weight 400KG

  1. During a traveling, our engineer saw an ancient cooking vessel which was 3,000 years ago and he was inspired to design this rebar bending machine that night. the eye-catching design and stability will meet your satisfaction
  2. It adopts a 12mm desktop, customized casting gearbox, and forging gears through 6 times quenching, keep it can work well for bending 40mm reinforced bars
  3. 3KW brake motor is made of pure copper wires, when the machine is finished with the setting angle, the brake motor will be worked to keep high precision bending angle
  4. LCD display voltmeter, emergency stop switch, and the big current foot switch are made of CHINT. it is not only safer but also Humanize.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


Q1. What can we do if there are problems with the products?
A: Our engineers will analyze the problem for you and find the best solution. If problems happened within the guaranteed time, we
could replace the components for you free of charge. We have dealers in some countries, for some technical problems which you can
not solve by yourself.

Q2. What is the delivery time for your products?
A: Once we promise the delivery time, we will try our best to fulfill it. Special procedures such as emergency inventory will be
used to maintain your uninterrupted supply of the products.

Q3. Is there any guarantee for your products?
A: Most of our products have one year guarantee(for the main parts).

Q4. How can you control your product quality?
A: Quality is always considered the most important part of our manufacturing process. All of our products come under strict
quality control system from raw material inspection, component inspecting,semi-finished product inspecting, performance test of
finished products, to random inspection before delivery.

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