GQ50 40mm rebar cutting machine

  • The cutter machine body is a sturdy and durable, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
  • The rebar cutter machine body is small, light in weight, compact in structure, strong and reliable, and easy to move with casters.
Weight500 kg
Dimensions155 × 62 × 90 cm




Power (kW)



1 Year

Details about GQ50 40mm rebar cutting machine

Cutting range


Round bar:6-50

III-Class bar:6-42

Cutting frequency32t/m
Motor power4kw
Motor speed2800rpm
Blade size(mm)90*90*26
Overall size(mm)1400*550*850

The rebar cutting machine is a steel cutting equipment, which is dedicated to cutting the short section, It is mainly used for fixed-length cutting of steel bar in civil engineering, and it is indispensable equipment in reinforcement processing.

The mini rebar cutting machine is made up of the motor, gearbox, reducer, steel bar discharge port, and the machine frame and other components. The scrap mini steel bar cutting machine is driven by a motor and driven by a V-belt to rotate the reducer, and then the reducer is driven by a gearbox to continuously operate the cutter, so as to cut off the reinforcing steel.

GQ50 rebar cutting machine is a mechanical transmission. The machine mainly consists of a motor, transmission system, reduction mechanism, body and cutting knife, etc..It is suitable for cutting a 6~40mm iron-carbon rebar. Its structure is simple, easy to use.

With you GQ50 40mm rebar cutting machine

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