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Glue Wood Spreader Machine for Woodworking

  • The width of the gluing machine is 600/800/1100/1400mm. The processing height is 2-30mm.
  • The diameter of the cots is 250mm (two cots), natural Dingqing cots. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
  • The diameter of the glue-adjusting steel roll is 180mm (two pieces), and the amount of glue can be controlled arbitrarily.
  • Bottom hopper design, without repeated glue, save labor, save glue, is clean, and greatly improves work efficiency.
  • The whole machine is a full channel steel structure, equipped with a door shield, safe and usable.
  • Equipped with a 3KW motor, 150 types all steel gear reducer, longer life.
Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 110 × 80 × 90 cm
Work type


Max. gluing thickness


Rated power


Details about Glue Wood Spreader Machine for Woodworking

The glue spreader’s function is mainly to coat glue on both sides of plywood veneer, then workers pave them into plywood size. The glue spreader has 600/800/1100/1400mm or is customized according to your needs.
1. It is divided into four rounds of single-side glue and double-side glue, widely used, uniform glue, high efficiency.
3. The machine is equipped with an emergency stop protection device to protect manual safety.
3. Arbitrary control of the amount of glue, no glue, and no wire drawing
4. Suitable for the production of plywood, joinery board, bamboo board, or artificial board.

Model ID-WS600 ID-WS800 ID-WS1100 ID-WS1400
Work type Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Rubber roller material Normal/solvent-resistant (optional)
Max. gluing width 600mm 800mm 1100mm 1400mm
Max. gluing thickness 0-120cm 0-120cm 0-120cm 0-120cm
Rated power 3KW 3KW 3KW 3KW
Weight 500KG 600KG 700KG 850KG

Corrosion-resistant durable rubber stick :
Compact and durable structure, anticorrosive glue, and easy maintenance.
Design of hard chrome rubber rolling :
High efficiency of uniform gluing, smooth gluing, good gluing effect, save glue, save labor and save production resources.

Switch Design :
The machine is equipped with an emergency stop protection device, Protect human safety.
Reducer/Motor :
This machine is equipped with a reducer and motor. Gearbox full-gear transmission is more durable.

Rules of Use
1. Before and during startup, the roller, and the squeezable roller must be separated, and the machine must not be started under the condition of large squeezable force or dry friction between the rollers, otherwise it is easy to damage the reducer or burn out the motor.
2. Remember and prevent the human body and sharp, hard objects into the roller, to ensure the safety of people and equipment.
3. After using the glue machine for 8 hours, the surface, end face, and glue retaining plate of the roller must be cleaned, and no residual glue layer is allowed to prevent mechanical rust.
4. Bearing, guide groove, chain, and worm gearbox should be timely added lubricating oil to prevent corrosion and wear

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