Generator Portable Mobile LED Lighting Tower

  • Our vertical mast and compact light towers have revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Easy to set up, operate and maintain, our light towers provide maximum power in a minimal footprint.
  • It is normally used for night construction and other field operation in the sectors of municipal engineering, road, bridge, port, mining, and construction, etc. Meanwhile, it is also used on the occasion of night rush repairs and disaster relief sites.
Weight120 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 60 cm




Engine Model


Number & power of lights


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Details about Generator Portable Mobile LED Lighting Tower

Technical DateUnit4VA4000
Engine Model186F
Engine TypeOne cylinder, Air-cooled, four-stroke
Rotating Speedrpm3600
Emission levelTIER 4
AlternatorBrushless and single phase
Alternator insulationCLASS H
Rated voltagev230
Output socketpc1   (230V,10A)
Continuous working timehour28
Fuel tank capacityl35
Number & power of lightsw1000*4
Luminous fluxlm440000
Irradiation distancem100
HeadlightMetal halide floodlight
Stabilizing legsManual adjustment
Light pole telescopicVertical lift
Lifting methodHand lift
Light mast operation4-section lifting bar
Wind resistance level<8
Suspension and brakeHex rubber shaft without brake

Product Description
Our vertical masts and compact light towers revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Our light towers are easy to set up, operate, and maintain, and provide maximum power with a minimal footprint. With extended operating hours and service intervals, LED safety features, innovative engine technology, and programmable control, our products can maximize uptime and return on investment and are trustworthy.
Mobile lighthouse
It is often used for night construction and other field operations in municipal engineering, roads, bridges, ports, mines, construction, and other departments, as well as for emergency repairs and disaster relief sites at night.

With you Generator Portable Mobile LED Lighting Tower

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