Gasoline vibrating plate compactor

  • More utilization. Properly curved edges for easy access to corners during compaction.
  • Comfortable operation. Heavy-duty shock buffer mounts to reduce vibration toward the upper deck and handle.


Weight90 kg
Dimensions84 × 52 × 61 cm






Vibrating fre


Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock


Details about Gasoline vibrating plate compactor

Plate size(mm)550*370510*550
Centrifugal force10.5kn15kn
Vibrating frequency5600rpm(95hz)5500rpm(92hz)
Walking speed20-23m/min20-23m/min
Engine typeHonda GX160 Honda GX160
Max output5.5hp5.5hp
Max motor speed3600rpm3600rpm
Overall size(mm)800*410*6501000*650*750

Gasoline plate compactor can prevent various structural problems such as cracking and leaking walls, foundation erosion, slab issues, and breakage in pipes and improve construction quality. The machine is often used in the small building foundation, various backfill construction, earth foundation compaction. Suitable for materials with low adhesion and friction between rammed particles, especially for non-viscous sand. The compaction effect of crushed stone is remarkable.

  • Ductile iron base plate, durable Pate Vibrating Compactor
  • Engine power system with greater power and better compaction effect; reduce maintenance costs and extend service life Pate Vibrating Compactor
  • Easy-remove water tank with built-in valve and no hose connection
  • Hooks ensure easy transportation at different work locations.

With you Gasoline vibrating plate compactor

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