Five head stirrup bending machine

  • Save labor and improve efficiency.
  • Continuous molding, intelligent control.
Weight 1850 kg
Dimensions 400 × 600 × 700 cm





1 Year

Price Range: $1.00 - $1000,Stock:More than 100 units in stock

Details about Five head stirrup bending machine

Maximum bending angle 180° Rated voltage 380V
Maximum bending diameter φ18mm Motor Power 8KW
loading weight for materials support 1000KG Molding speed 12S
Side length error ±2mm Forming angle ±1°
Weight(KG) 1400/1650/1850 Body length 4m*6m*7m
Limit processing quantity φ6mm φ8mm φ10mm φ12mm φ14mm φ16mm
Quantity 12 10 7 4 2 1

Continuous molding, intelligent control, one-time molding. Equipped with two independent motors, higher power, higher efficiency, and lower failure rate. The efficiency of hoop bending is improved, the diameter of the steel bar is 12mm, and the average output is 1.5t/h

Ordinary stirrup bending machine, to a large extent, depends on manual molding, manual operation on the workbench. Waste manpower and raise costs The five head stirrup bending machines solve the problem of steel bar processing. With a hydraulic system, the stability is improved and the faults are reduced.

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