Electric Mini Secondary Construction Concrete Pump

  • Special hydraulic system with double pumps and double circuits: compared with single pump double circuits, the pumping system and distributing system are driven by two independent pumps that allow a more stable oil flow rate to the pumping unit.
  • Hydraulic oil treatment: equipped with multistage fine filtration and water separation devices, to extend hydraulic components’ lifetime and reduce oil changes.
Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 300 × 160 × 160 cm
Rated power


Max. particle dia


Vertical distance


Horizontal distance


Details about Electric Mini Secondary Construction Concrete Pump

Model CPE-15 CPE-22 CPE-30
Input voltage 380VAC three phase 380VAC three phase 380VAC three phase
Rated power 15kw 22kw 30kw
Oil pump 50 type 63 type 80/100 type
Max. Particle dia 15mm 20mm 10-30mm
Transfer capacity 6m3/h 10m3/h 12m3/h
Vertical distance 20m 40m 60m
Horizontal distance 60m 100m 150m
Outlet port diameter 100mm 100mm 125mm
Tube diameter 80mm 80mm 80/100/125mm
Overall size 1700*700*1200mm 2500*1100*1400 3300*1600*1550
Weight 600KGS 950KGS 1000KGS

1. The special pouring pump for secondary structure fine stone mortar can realize the transportation of fine stone concrete and mortar for long-distance high-rise buildings.
2. The distribution valve adopts an advanced S-tube valve, which has good sealing performance and a simple and reliable structure.
3. The eye plate (commonly known as wear plate) and floating cutting ring are made of hard alloy, which has good wear resistance, long service life, and convenient replacement. The cutting ring can automatically compensate for the gap structure.
4. The machine adopts electric-liquid control mode, with perfect electro-hydraulic overload protection and an instrument display system. It has an anti-pump operation function, easy to eliminate blockage fault. The pumping speed can be adjusted to meet various working conditions.
5. The centralized lubrication system automatically controls the start and stop and running time by the program, effectively extending the service life of the rotating parts.
6. The electrical components such as the contactor and the push button switch are reliable in operation, the control circuit is simple, and the electrical box is equipped with a switch for easy operation.
7. The main seals are made of high-quality seals to prevent internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system.

Q1. How can we do if there are problems with the products? A: Our engineers will analyze the problem for you and find the best solution. If problems happened within the guaranteed time, we can replace the components for you free of charge. We have dealers
in some countries, for some technical problems which you can not solve by yourself.Q2. What is the delivery time for your products?
A: Once we promise the delivery time, we will try our best to fulfill it. Special procedures such as emergency inventory will be used to maintain your uninterrupted supply of the products.

Q3. Is there any guarantee for your products
A: Most of our products have one year guarantee(for the main parts).

Q4. How can you control your product quality?
A: Quality is always considered as the most important part during our manufacturing process. All of our products come under strict quality control system from raw material inspection, component inspecting,semi-finished product inspecting,performance test of finished products,to random inspection before delivery.

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