700mm large concrete grinding machine

  • Diamond grinding disc. A professional dust-proof design automatically fits the ground. Wear-resistant and efficient.
  • Pure copper motor. The body uses a high-quality copper coil. High-temperature resistance.
  • Control panel. Knob control, simple and clear, more efficient work. Simple and convenient.
  • Dust removal motor. More efficient motors, Larger capacity, and higher work efficiency.
Weight 340 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 60 cm
Working diameter


Grind bits Q’TY


Motor power


Details about 700mm large concrete grinding machine

Model YM700
Input voltage 380VAC three phase 50HZ or customized
Working diameter 700mm
Grind bits Q’TY 12pcs
Weight 340kgs
Dimension 1200*870*520mm
Motor power 15kw

Mainly used for ground polishing on large or medium roads. It can grind the concrete surface layer and epoxy mortar layer. Equipped with a vacuum cleaner power socket, the power cord of the vacuum cleaner can be directly connected to the grinder. Avoid the need for two power cords when working. The edge of dust can be polished, and the surface of concrete can be effectively polished. While ensuring the flatness of the ground, it also improves the adhesion between the material and the ground.

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