511 cenmet plaster mortar sprayer machine

  • Suitable for spraying materials: thermal insulation mortar, perlite, real stone paint, putty, cement mortar, fireproof materials, coating materials, and other spraying, grouting, and conveying applications.
  • The machine is small and exquisite, easy to carry on-site, and the cost of accessories is low.
  •  Effectively reduce manual transportation, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve construction quality, and it is convenient to apply.
  •  The machine standard batching pipe, air pipe, spray gun, stator, spray head, air compressor.
  •  It can be matched with a mortar mixer.
Weight300 kg
Dimensions170 × 60 × 110 cm


Input voltage

3phase 220VAC ,380VAC

Motor power


Vertical transfer distance


Horizontal transfer distance


Details about 511 cenmet plaster mortar sprayer machine

Model: IMS-511

Input voltage:3phase 220VAC ,380VAC


Motor power:7.5KW

Compressor power:2.2KW

Hose diameter:32# / 38#

Vertical transfer distance: 20M

Horizontal transfer distance:40M

M/S ratio :1:3

Sand diameter: ≤ 5mm

Overall size: 1700*600*1100mm


  • Mortar spraying machine, a kind of spraying machine can be called mortar sprayer, mortar spray equipment, cement mortar spraying machine, stucco machine which has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting, and waterproof, fireproof, ceiling, wall, paint, garden spraying, as well as relief effect coating, sound-absorbing material spraying waterproof plugging, and filling. The mortar spraying machine is very easy to operate which doesn’t need scaffolding, mobile equipment, even the small corners, and roof can be freely sprayed. The use of this equipment can greatly shorten the construction period, improve work efficiency and save the expense of shelf materials.

With you 511 cenmet plaster mortar sprayer machine

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