single drum road roller compactor price

  • Mechanical walking, hydraulic vibration, double amplitude, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and the best function
  • Hydraulic vibration technology adopts international advanced technology, high reliability, simple maintenance, convenient and low cost
Weight2000 kg
Dimensions666.5 × 234 × 309 cm
Diesel power


Diesel model


Vibration round width


Gradeon ability



Details about single drum road roller compactor price

Operating massKg230002000026000230002000018000
Static linear loadN/cm560500610560500470
Vibration amplitudeMm1.9/0.951.9/0.951.9/0.951.9/0.951.9/0.951.9/0.95
Vibration frequencyHz303028/3528/3528/3528/35
Centrifugal forceKn430/330410/300460/360430/330410/300390/280
Travel speedKm/h2/4/10.52/4/10.52/4/10.52/4/10.52/4/10.52/4/10.5
Grade ability%303030303030
Turning radiusmm750075007500750075007500
Overall dimensionmm6665*2340*30906665*2300*30907025*2360*30906665*2340*30906665*2300*30906665*2280*3090
Vibration round widthmm210021002100210021002100
Diesel modelWP6G190WP6G190WP6G190WP6G190WP6G190WP6G190
Diesel powerKw140140140140140140

It is a heavy-duty vibratory roller with large working quality and strong exciting force, so it is the best compaction equipment in large areas, high quality, high performance, and mechanized construction. It is suitable for rolling noncohesive materials, such as gravel, gravel, sand-gravel mixture, sandy soil, etc. it is ideal equipment for foundation compaction in highway, mine road, large dyke, an important port, and industrial plant.

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