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The CNC platform pipe bender is one of the types of pipe benders and is an important member of the pipe bender family. The mold installation position is named after the platform.

Mainly for the processing of parts and components in the furniture manufacturing industry, fitness equipment industry, transportation pipeline industry, auto parts manufacturing industry, leisure, and entertainment equipment industry, and other industries.

The self-developed and designed turbine gearbox is used for transmission, which is durable and strong. The wheel mold rotates during the bending process, and the high-strength bead is used to shape the bending tube at one time. Mainly bent 90 degrees, or U-shaped tube, one-time molding, the effect is very good, with multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, and other advantages!

This machine adopts an intelligent numerical control programmable microcomputer numerical control platform. The pipe bending machine is composed of a bending working device (including pipe clamping device, pipe bending fixture), a bending power device (electric motor, exclusively developed gearbox with clutch), and intelligent programmable numerical control. devices, etc.

The motor rotates clockwise through the V-belt through the clutch gearbox to decelerate, and then the main output shaft on the gearbox drives the bending working device to rotate to the designated position set by the numerical control program, the motor automatically reverses, and when the bending working device returns to At the stop position, the numerical control program cuts off the circuit and the motor stops working.

During the control process, the worker needs to input the required bending angle. The machine can work by stepping on the foot pedal. The bending pipe is formed at one time, and multiple bending angles of a pipe can be realized by entering the corresponding angle according to the serial number on the numerical control panel, and the operation is simple. Fast and save labor greatly.

The scope of use of the pipe bending machine:

The pipe bending machine has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for bending iron pipes, stainless steel round pipes, square pipes, and rectangular pipes. It can arbitrarily bend a certain part of the pipe into the effect you need. It is suitable for gate processing, fitness equipment, conveying pipes, and decorative processing. , leisure and entertainment equipment, solar energy pipes, water pipes, car bumpers, bicycles, tricycles, air-conditioning copper pipe bending, table, and chair bending, baby carriages, hardware lighting, fitness equipment, bathroom equipment, medical equipment, steel furniture, leisure furniture, office Necessary equipment for furniture, petrochemical and other industries.

How do we choose the right machine?

1. Determine whether you are curved, curved, U-shaped, or curved

2. Determine the outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe

3. Determine your bend diameter again.

Pipe bending machine product advantages:

Made by professional and technical personnel, stable performance, intelligent chip control, fast response, high sensitivity, intelligent control system can be set,

Imported proximity switch control (replacing travel switch) has strong signal induction, accurate running angle, and high repeatability, which fundamentally solves many problems such as large angle deviation, low repeatability, and inconvenience caused by “mechanical” control that cannot be stopped accurately.

In order to facilitate everyone to buy a practical machine for themselves, there are different models for everyone to choose from according to the specifications of the pipes. For example, the 51# CNC platform pipe bender, as the name suggests, supports the outer diameter of the steel pipe to the greatest extent 51mm (round pipe).

The following is our machine configuration table, please check

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