Operation principle and maintenance manual of mortar sprayer

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The working principle of mortar spraying machine:

The mortar spraying machine is a new type of high-efficiency spraying machine, which is mainly suitable for the wall spraying operation of the construction site. The equipment transports the concrete to the manipulator nozzle through the pipeline and uses the compressed air to spray the concrete to the sprayed wall surface.

Our mortar sprayer machine will make you more productive throughout your workday while preserving your quality standards. Pumping allows contractors to grow their business, achieving higher profits while saving extra time to complete more jobs. Additionally, these reliable, portable pumps are easy to move around a job site and fit into service elevators.

The mortar spraying machine is mainly composed of a driving device, rotor assembly, air duct system, injection system, electrical control system, and other parts. The driving device is installed at one end of the machine by connecting the motor to the cycloid reducer, and the motor is directly installed on the reducer, parallel to the axis of the rotor and stator.

Product advantages

1. Save Labour Costs, Save Time

Compared to the traditional hawk and trowel method of applying mortar, you’ll increase your productivity when you move to mortar sprayers. Spray or pump repair mortar with ease by getting into those hard-to-reach areas without damaging the area around them. The immediate effect: your same five to six-person crew can get twice as much done.

2. Flexible Enough to Handle Anything

IDEAL designed and engineered mortar sprayers to handle a broad range of materials, including epoxy-based mortars, non-skid coatings, waterproofing, and cementitious coatings. Contractors are using these durable systems in the water and wastewater treatment plants, parking garages, road construction, mining, and oil and gas applications, to name a few.

3. Easy to Use and Move

Compact and portable mortar equipment is easy to move from one job site to another. Simply set them up near the location you want to pump or spray at and when you are finished, the pump is easy to clean and get ready for your next job.

Maintenance Manual for Mortar Sprayer

Inspection and maintenance before the operation

1. Electrical equipment: including the inspection of motors, power supply, transmission lines, and electric control boxes, and each switch should be in the specified state.

2. Lubricating oil: The hand oil pump is forced to refuel several times.

3. Check the hopper for debris and slag.

4. Inspection of shotcrete hoses, nozzles, and air ducts.

5. Equipment air transportation inspection

a Jog the motor to check the rotation direction (the main motor is clockwise and the air compressor is counter-clockwise);

b Air compressor, air pressure, air volume, air gun adjustment;

c Check the situation of the instrument, especially whether the voltage meets the design requirements (380v), check the transmission line, wire diameter distance and joint connection, etc.

6. The setting of air pressure and airflow is caused by the loosening of the air pressure switch parts during transportation, and the pressure spring should be readjusted.

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